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The Citation Research Paper Requires a Lot of Hard Work

A good amount of research is necessary to get your citation research paper in the right and acceptable format.

The citation research paper refers to the kinds of citations that are made in a research paper that a student writes on a specific subject. If you were interested in theological studies and if you think your topic of interest is the Old Testament, you would have to first read the text itself to get an idea of its reach and scope. Of course, there are some who would say that it is difficult to read the original text. They would rather read the text that is an abridged version and one that is easily understandable. Since the language that has been used is quite archaic, you might find it quite a problem to understand the gist of the writing. It would also help if you could read some of the biblical commentaries, in order to understand the text better. Apart from these commentaries, there are quite a few books that have been written about various subjects in the Bible. For instance, there are authors who have written at length about the treatment of women in the Bible. You could think of doing some gender studies for your research degree too.

Doing the citation research paper in a format that is to be accepted by the university, is yet another task that one has to think about. In the life of a student, getting through a masters course and registering for a research degree is probably one of the things that has students getting a bit worked up. In reality, one does not have to think too much about this if one’s thought process is fairly clear. If you set your mind on working on a topic, let us say, Molecular Biology then you need to focus on only this. If on the other hand, you are thinking of getting involved in a theatre group and focusing on various theatre styles in the last half century, then your thought process would certainly have to change. The two subjects are as different as chalk and cheese and you should not even think of both of them at the same time!

Coming back to the Bible, it would be certainly a great challenge to take on research on something as sensitive as this. Since it concerns the beliefs and emotions of a group of people, it could be quite difficult to make sure that your citations are in place. You might find that you are stepping on a few toes (figuratively speaking) when you write about topics in the Bible, like gender and so on. The citations have to be correctly placed, thereby ensuring that your citation research paper is in the right kind of format. Citations should be given due credit and you need to include the names of authors in the page devoted to citations, which is generally called the References or Bibliography page. Get the format straight if you want to ensure your grades.