Code of Conduct

Last date of update: March 8, 2024

Welcome to (also referred to as 'Site,' 'Service'). This Code of Conduct (also referred to as 'Code') serves as a guide for appropriate usage of this Site and helps prevent any potential misuse.

Certain jurisdictions, including the Commonwealth of Australia, Austria, the UK, and some states of the US, such as Connecticut, California, Colorado, Maryland, Maine, North Carolina, Florida, New York, Texas, Virginia, Washington, etc., may have regulations concerning specific methods of using our Site.

We reserve the right to refuse service to clients from these jurisdictions and present this Code of Conduct to prevent any misunderstandings.

By utilizing this Site, you (also referred to as 'Client,' 'User,' 'Customer,' 'yours,' or 'your') agree to adhere to this Code. In the event of any inconsistencies between this Code and other documents accessible on the Site, the terms outlined in this Code will take precedence.

User Commitments

When you submit requests on our Site, you affirm that you will utilize it solely for lawful, personal purposes.

You further assure that you will not:

  • Violate honor codes or any other policies established by your college, university, or any other academic institution.
  • Utilize our Service with malicious intent.
  • Contravene any federal, state, local, or other laws or regulations, including court orders, and engage in any unlawful activities.
  • Use our Service to store any form of information or partake in activities intended to mislead or deceive another individual.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity signifies a steadfast adherence to ethical standards in all academic pursuits, fairness, and honesty‚ÄĒprinciples which our Service upholds.

This Code of Conduct explicitly prohibits any forms of dishonesty, encompassing the following:

  • Scams.
  • Impersonation.
  • Contract cheating.
  • Plagiarism.
  • Copyright infringements.
  • Sabotage.
  • Falsification.
  • Mimicry.
  • And similar actions.

Kindly abstain from involvement in any of the aforementioned activities while utilizing our Service. We vehemently oppose such practices and refrain from engaging in them. Our Site is intentionally crafted to aid customers in their academic endeavors, prioritizing academic integrity above all else.

Policy of Fair Usage

The materials (also referred to as the 'Product' or 'Products') provided by experts are solely intended for personal, educational use. The Products are designed to function as a guide, reference, or source of inspiration, serving as a model work. You are strongly advised against submitting the Products as your own work or asserting authorship or copyright ownership.

By utilizing our Site, you consent to use the provided Products in accordance with their intended purpose and to abstain from such actions as employing the Products for commercial use, reselling or sharing the obtained Products with third parties, or using the obtained Products in any other way without proper credit.

Rules of Conduct

Our Service is committed to never facilitating fraud or involvement in unlawful activities.

Experts are prohibited from providing services to users affiliated with educational institutions if they suspect or have reason to believe that the services will be used inappropriately (for example, Products will be submitted as the Customer's original work). If evidence surfaces that an expert knowingly aided in any form of illegal behavior, they will be immediately removed from the Site.

Customers are not allowed to engage in illegal activities or violate academic policies using the Site. They are also prohibited from passing off Products received from experts as their work.

Businesses are forbidden from utilizing the Service for illegal purposes and are explicitly barred from requesting experts to assist in any fraudulent activities.

Instructors, tutors, mentors, supervisors, and other educators are encouraged not to hinder students from utilizing the available tools and Products of the Service as part of their educational process. We recognize your dedication to upholding academic integrity within your educational settings and support your endeavors to promote transparency and honesty in academic processes. Consequently, we urge you to promptly report any breaches of this Code.

Prohibited Requests

The below requests are strictly prohibited on

  • Impersonating another person's identity for any reason.
  • Fabricating financial or any other reports, as well as official documents.
  • Completing academic tasks on behalf of a Customer.
  • Fabricating any form of data, including citations.
  • Soliciting answers for tests, exams, and other academic assignments.

Please be aware that this list of prohibited requests is not full and serves solely as a guideline.

Failure to comply with the restrictions outlined in this Code of Conduct will result in permanent removal from our Site, with no possibility of account recovery.

Amendments to This Code

Kindly be advised that this Code is subject to change without prior notification. It is your sole responsibility as a Customer to periodically review the outlined Code of Conduct to stay informed of any updates. By utilizing our Site, you acknowledge that you have diligently reviewed, understood, and consented to the terms of this Code.


While our Service strives to provide quality services, we cannot guarantee the outcomes of the Products provided. These Products are only intended for illustrative purposes, and their use is entirely at the User's risk.

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