What Does Methodology in Research Paper Mean

Methodology in Research: Make It Perfect from the First Try

Every student comes to the moment of writing a research paper. It is an academic work that discusses a certain problem or phenomenon. The research methodology stands as a part of a research paper. This part contains valuable information about the methods you used in your investigation and the data …

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9:46 am/ 20.09.2022
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Should the Title of an Essay Be Capitalized – Expert Explanation

The title of your academic assignment is similar to a title of a book or any other literary work. So, you should apply the standard capitalization rules when giving a name to your essay. Make sure to capitalize all notional words and subordinate words longer than four letters. But filler …

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6:07 am/ 7.07.2021
3 min read
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How to Review an Article Like a Professional Writer

Students often encounter numerous academic papers in college. Your college professor might give you the assignment to review an article. Unfortunately, most learners don’t know the review process and find it challenging to complete the assignment. Reviewing articles allows learners to assess and critically analyze academic papers from other scholars …

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6:02 am/ 7.07.2021
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How to Write a Critical Essay on Literature: a Simple Guide for Beginners

Academic writing forms part of mandatory fulfillment in most college programs. Students often encounter numerous assignments to complete. Critical essays are among the academic papers that your professor can give out in a literature class. It is an essay that requires extensive analytical skills to interpret a particular book, text, …

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5:55 am/ 7.07.2021
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