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Good Argumentative Essay Topics Suitable for All Grades

Students commonly get the task of writing argumentative essays in schools and colleges. Teachers require the learners to produce them because these essays have a tendency to nurture their critical thinking and arguing abilities. Nevertheless, finding an appropriate title for an argumentative essay is not always easy. A student needs to take care of various factors, including:

  • Deciding the side of argument support.
  • Getting it approved by the teacher.
  • Collecting facts in support of the argument from the literature.

One should be clear on the answers to these and similar questions at the time of choosing the title. Students commonly face problems in deciding good argumentative essay topics because of the challenges of collecting the required information and arguing convincingly for the opinion. For good marks, the essay needs to be intellectually appealing to the teacher.

This page lists the best topics matching different academic levels. You’ll most probably locate your desired topic here. In case you want further assistance, our online gurus are available to help you out.

Students’ Favorite Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

Our company has been writing essays of all sorts for 10+ years, and we have successfully delivered help to thousands of students. We exactly know what kind of topics are favored by the students and also approved by their teachers. Certain easy argumentative essay topics that you might like are as follows:

  • Should smoking be tolerable in colleges?
  • The most appropriate age for marriage is 25 years old.
  • Online education is just as good as campus education.
  • Scientific experimentation on animals is condemnable.
  • All schools should have a games period.

Do You Want Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics?

Argumentative topics tend to turn controversial. This especially happens when a student’s opinion contrasts with what is suggested by the laws, culture, and regulation. Nevertheless, the points students use to support their opinions are often academically sound and thought-provoking. That’s what makes the controversial argumentative essay topics the top choice of teachers. Take a look at such essay titles:

  • Parents should be prohibited from slapping a child.
  • The legalization of gay marriages negatively affects people.
  • Should a mother be granted abortion?
  • Legalizing euthanasia is ethically wrong.
  • Recipients of welfare payments must seek work.

Teachers’ Favorite Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

Argumentative essay titles may vary depending upon the academic level. Our company has received thousands of requests from students of middle schools to help them with argumentative essays. See some of the finest argumentative essay topics for middle school suggested by our experts below:

  • Should everybody get access to the Internet?
  • Do minorities in a society deserve special treatment?
  • The curriculum should not be based on students’ choices.
  • Fast-foods are good for health.
  • Violent games have unfavorable effects on the players’ psychology.

Do You Need Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics?

Argumentative essays, if written rightly, can be very interesting. That’s because a student can freely express what he/she feels about a particular matter in them. The best essay is engaging and at the same time, informative for the readers. Find some interesting argumentative essay topics written by our professional team below:

  • Society has stricter rules for girls than for boys.
  • Teachers can stop bullying in schools.
  • Most reality shows are fake.
  • Career counseling is the most basic need of students.
  • Are we responsible for feeding the poor?

Let’s Discuss the Argumentative Essay Topics for College

Students also get argumentative essays as assignments at the college-level. Since the academic level is higher than before, the topics are also expected to be more complex. We have compiled some of the best argumentative essay topics for college in this section. Have a look at them:

  • Web filters in the colleges must be less restrictive.
  • Is technology a distraction for the students today?
  • Is Facebook an integral part of our life?
  • Should young married couples stay in joint-family systems?
  • Have people become too distant from religion today?

Argumentative Essay Ideas Oriented Around Education

Education is a common category for argumentative essays. Teachers can ascertain and assess the perceptions of learners by assigning them the task of writing essays on different aspects of education. Here are five excellent argumentative essay ideas related to education:

  • Should learners have a say in the performance assessment of teachers?
  • Does exercise affect a student’s performance in academics?
  • Do cash bonuses motivate students to achieve more in tests?
  • How much group-work is essential in schools?
  • Are schools’ disciplinary committees effective in controlling bullying?

What’s the Right Topic for Your Argumentative Essay?

Most teachers give argumentative essay topics to their learners. Students may or may not like the topics that they have been assigned. It gets easy for a student to produce an excellent essay if he/she is fond of the topic.

If you are granted the leverage to decide it yourself, always go with your favorite topic. But if that’s not the case, make a kind attempt to negotiate changes in the title that you have been assigned. Sometimes, teachers approve of the titles or changes desired by the students and amend them accordingly.

The Way to Find Useful Content to Develop the Essay

To do justice to the argumentative essay format topics, you must always include credible information in the paper. Your arguments have to be supported by concrete and verifiable facts. The right way to approach an essay is by commencing it with an outline. You cannot develop the outline until you know what points to include in it.

Therefore, conduct your research in the beginning. Go through the papers related to your topic. You can find plenty of them online. Just make sure you draw the information from high-impact factor journal articles or books as they are good information sources. Take notes of the relevant and important points as you read the texts. Afterward, make an outline using the points that you had written earlier.

It is essential to develop an outline for all essay topics argumentative. Make sure that the paper has a proper structure in your outline, which means a defined introductory section, a body section, and a conclusion. You should know what your thesis statement and topic sentences are at the stage of outlining. Find the points supporting your topic sentences and include them in the outline as well.

Finally, develop the outline into the full essay. Use linking words and phrases in the essay so that there is a smooth flow in the argument. Try to have a balance between all paragraphs in the essay. Don’t make a certain paragraph too long or another one too short. All paragraphs should roughly be equally sized. In the end, proofread the essay well so that all errors of grammar and punctuation are omitted.

Do You Require Help with a Custom Essay Topic?

We have suggested many good topics to write an argumentative essay in this guide. If you are searching for a different category or topic, we can assign you a guru from our team. Our writer will devise the best topic for your essay and will even help you out with the actual writing process.

Our company has the mission of providing students of all grades and academic levels with high-quality assistance. If you can’t decide how to go about it, you can take help from the model essay we write for you. Take that as an example; see the layout and the way the writer has developed a convincing argument in it. You can then attempt writing a similar paper yourself.

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