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How To Write A Reflective Essay

Several academic courses require reflective essay writing. Students should review what they have studied and react to it in writing when doing this assignment. Every student must complete a reflection essay to learn from the experience. Read our comprehensive guide to learn what a reflective essay is and how to write one effectively. It will assist you in writing an essay, making that work quick and simple.

 Before writing your reflection essay, we advise selecting a suitable topic. Writing such a work is identical to writing any other paper. The only distinction is that the paper has to be an accurate representation of the author’s thoughts. Next, we’ll go through all the details and provide advice on how to write a reflective essay. After that, just read our comprehensive guidelines.

How To Start Reflective Essay

Such essays always begin with an introduction in which the author states the main subject of consideration. Then, the students should describe what component of their experience they will discuss.

In a reflective essay, the writers discuss how the events have changed them and what lessons they have learned. The essay also explains the writer’s motivation for the change.

For example, sometimes, students are required to consider how they have developed as writers over a semester or quarter. In addition, students frequently discuss in what way various tasks and classes have improved their essay-writing skills.

Strong reflective writers will not only discuss their growth but also offer concrete examples to back up their points. For example, suppose the author talks about being more optimistic in life. In that case, one might explain what caused that transformation and provide a personal story about how one overcame a challenge.

Format Of Reflective Essay

Now you need to learn how to produce an A+ reflective paper. We will show you options to link the reflective paragraphs together further. A good strategy for what to do will help you quickly and easily compose an essay.

Making a plan will give you a better understanding of how your writing task will go. You must plan and build your paper progressively. As a result, preparing your essay will be considerably simpler.

For ease of writing and speed, you must plan each section of your upcoming essay. Do the following steps first:

  •       Topic selection.
  •       Collection of information.
  •       Work with information resources.
  •       Writing a draft.
  •       Writing the main parts of the paper.
  •       Writing conclusions and revisions.

In general, your paper structure should contain three main points:

  •       Introduction.
  •       Main content.
  •       Conclusion.

Below we will talk about each of the points in more detail.

How To Make An Introduction To A Reflective Essay?

You should explain the issue and provide the reader with a broad overview of the effect it has had on you in the introduction part, which should be the first paragraph of your essay. A thesis statement for your work should be included in your introduction paragraph. In addition, it would be best to describe your major thoughts and what you will write about. Your chances of succeeding in the entire assignment are significantly enhanced with the right introduction.

How To Make Good Main Content?

Write about why your topic affected you in the main body’s three paragraphs. A reflective essay has no correct or incorrect solutions. The most important thing is to write honestly and with the reader in mind.

A Good Conclusion

 Your essay’s conclusion should properly tie together the research. You should demonstrate a high degree of comprehension of what you have detailed in your tale and how you reach the appropriate conclusions. 

The authors of a reflective essay briefly discuss how they have changed or the results of those changes. The authors may also reflect on the past or the future.

Future-focused authors discuss how their experiences will alter them in the future. 

Also, writers can observe how they were in the past. To emphasize the differences, writers often use comparisons between the past and the future. 

Reflective Essay Sample 

Example 1 

My younger sibling

I’ve experienced many things in my life that may be considered life-changing. Every new experience has been the first experience at some point. Each event altered my life’s direction, for better or worse.

But the birth of my younger brother Timmy was the most life-changing event. I was 13 years old and John, my other brother, was 10 when my mother became pregnant.

We were what you would describe as a flexible, ideal family of four. And in practically every respect, we nicely fit into the ideal classification. But, we didn’t realize what we were missing until my little brother opened his startling gray eyes for the first time.

In all honesty, I was not too fond of the idea of getting a new brother. However, our family, including my mother, who was already 38 years old, wanted nothing more.

The pregnancy was filled with difficulties, making my life’s path into a roller-coaster ride that my 13-year-old mind found difficult to comprehend. But looking back, I can see how these hardships prepared me for the difficulties life eventually delivered. 

I went to the hospital on Timmy’s birthday with my mother. It was me, but not my father. I was the best option because John and my father both had fevers; this wasn’t an intended action.

Sitting with her throughout each contraction taught me a deeper respect for how resilient women can be during what may be viewed as their most vulnerable time. Holding her hand, I made a connection with my mother despite sometimes I didn’t understand her.

I immediately became aware of two things when my younger brother was born. First, until you hold something in your hand, you never truly understand how much you need it. Second, my life after this moment will never be the same.

There are many different experiences in life that have changed a part of me as a person. But my younger brother has impacted how I see the world. Timmy’s birth altered my life and gave me a new perspective on the world.

Example 2

Reading my favourite book. 

I didn’t see the attraction of reading books, to be honest. I read each homework assignment without really comprehending what it was about. However, Pride and Prejudice was the book that first gave me literary satisfaction. 

It sparked a previously unknown passion for classic literature in me. Like many of my friends, I immediately began seeking loopholes when I initially received the Pride and Prejudice reading assignment. I quickly calculated how much time I would need to superficially read the book and prepare the report.

I sighed because of the silly classics. I’m wasting time I could spend with friends. Even without reading the opening words, I instantly disliked the book before I even opened it. I was almost ready to give up by reaching page 4.

But there was something discreetly intriguing about Elizabeth Bennet. I’m not sure when it happened, but after some time, my eyes began to consume the pages fast instead of reading them. So, I was simultaneously happy and disappointed as I came to a book’s end. 

Although I knew I would miss the main characters, the finale was beautiful. I shall miss being a part of their world, not just for them. It was the first time that a story’s characters had such an effect on me.

But after a few days, this melancholy carried me to the school library’s classical department. My spirit felt freer when I found the next classic book, and reading never seemed boring to me again.

Although I never imagined I’d claim the book changed me, it did. I can’t imagine my life without the wonderful world of classical literature, which was introduced to me by the love I found in Pride and Prejudice. So even though I’ve read a lot of other works, Pride and Prejudice will always hold a special place in my heart.

Reflective Essay Writing

You must consider one crucial aspect to define a reflective essay. It reflects who you are; you will be the subject of a particular theme. Your reader expects an analysis of your life through time. You could be asked to consider numerous past experiences, sentiments, and emotions. They should be intriguing and thrilling. We hope you realize the significance of this and that your potential audience doesn’t want to read a boring author.

It is a unique and very personal writing style, so there will be much to consider, understand, and explain. It would be best if you expressed the different emotions you have had in the past. Show, for example, how you’ve changed since you were a kid or used to play with your best friends. Your teacher can ask you to report on certain social or political happenings. You undoubtedly have these experiences, but you might not have all the information to fully tell the experience. Spend some time remembering additional information and writing everything out.

You will need to reflect on your past life experience and provide a detailed narrative of a specific incident, feeling, or event. When expressing your ideas and feelings, it’s important to use the appropriate words and phrases. To completely express what you want, you must choose appropriate words. Additionally, it would be best to establish your writing style to make the information clearer and easier to read. Do this by revealing an original style and attempting to convey meaningful and joyful emotions to your readers. However, be truthful; if you have experienced anything bad, it’s important to mention it.

You could occasionally find it helpful to review other similar works. Seeing samples of these kinds of essays would likely be a good decision. Then, if you have the time, attentively read as many of them as possible. Unquestionably, it may be challenging for you to complete the assignment and produce a quality reflection essay. But if you follow the advice from this article, you’ll have an excellent chance of producing an engaging, reflective essay and earning an A+.

Topic Ideas For A Reflective Essay

Below are some topics or clues to think about.

The Places You’ve Been

  •       Beach, mountains, countryside or desert.
  •       Special hideout or your room.
  •       The house you grew up in.
  •       Relative’s houses.

Life-Changing Events

  •       Special date.
  •       Failure or success in something.
  •       The time you learned something new.
  •       New experience.
  •       The time you got over one of your fears.
  •       Important memory.
  •       Significant conversation.

Repetitive Or Significant Thoughts

  •       Your dreams.
  •       The conversation you would like to have or what you would like to do.
  •       The story you told about yourself.
  •       Awkward moment.
  •       The person you would like to be.
  •       Any strong emotion.

Impressive Experience.

  •       Book, film, TV show, song, or other media.
  •       Social media posts.
  •       Journal or article.
  •       Concert.
  •       Vacation.

Important People

  •       Your grandparents, mom and/or dad, aunt and/or uncle, nephew and/or niece, or siblings.
  •       Your best friend.
  •       Someone who hurt you.
  •       Special teacher or life coach.

These tips help you focus in the right direction.


How Do You Write A Reflective Essay?

To write a good reflective essay, you must choose an interesting life experience. It is also worth starting from the wishes of your supervisor. A great solution is to decide on a topic and then discuss it with your teacher. 

How Do You Start Off A Reflective Essay?

You can start your reflective essay with a good brainstorming session. Think carefully about what kind of life experience you find most suitable. Do not forget that this experience should be interesting not only for you but also for your audience.

What Should I Write My Reflective Essay On?

You can write about almost anything that has changed your life. Check out the examples we provided in this article. The most important thing in a reflective essay is to be sincere. With this sincerity, you will be able to create a strong thesis.

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