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Your rubric research paper should be perfect

Get your rubric research paper right – it’s the only way to get good grades

Check out the rubric research paper before you embark on your research paper writing. A student in college needs to submit pieces of writing on all sorts of topics that are connected with the main subject he is working on. For instance, if his main subject is English Literature, he would have to focus on dramatists and novelists of different eras and submit papers on their works. In order to do this, it is important for them to understand the rubric of a research paper. Read on to find out more on this, if you are a college student in search of help.

Rubric in brief

  1. The title page needs to contain details of the topic, name of student, guide and educational institution and of course the date of submission too.
  2. The table of contents should enumerate all the chapters and their sub-sections. Page numbers are to be given too.
  3. The preface and acknowledgement page of the dissertation should come next. They are usually not longer than one or two pages.
  4. Next comes the introduction to the research paper – the thesis statement occupies the first place in any introduction. Then, all the points that are going to be touched upon in the course of the paper are briefly enumerated and discussed.
  5. The body or main part of the writing is the part that needs the most amounts of hard work and attention. The student is expected to include all the info that he has collected during the preliminary period. Relevant examples, case studies and other statistical representations are found in this part of the paper.
  6. Summing up can be done as one single chapter or it could be split up into two – (1) evaluation and limitations and (2) suggestions and conclusion.
  7. The bibliography or references page comes at the very end of the paper.
  8. Any appendices that are vital to the overall impact of the paper are to be included. It is important to mention this in the table of contents.

The rubric research paper does not undergo any change, irrespective of the institution that is awarding the degree. Of course, there could be some small variations in this, considering the nature of the subject that is being researched. Science topics would have to be dealt in a way that is different from a topic in sociology, for instance. In spite of this, the general rubric is the same and it is important for students to understand this, when they set out on research paper writing.

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