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Sometimes, coming up with an effective topic for a college paper is more challenging than the actual research and writing. This is especially true if you are a psychology student. Psychology is one of the broadest fields in the academic spectrum so you want to pick a topic which lets you adequately cover the subject without spreading yourself thin. At the same time, it shouldn’t be too narrow because it will be very difficult to find enough sources of information.

To choose an interesting and fresh topic for your psychology research paper, you must spend plenty of time researching and brainstorming. If you don’t want to rack your brains on looking for a viable subject to discuss in your paper, just select one from the list below! We’ve attempted to capture the vast nature of psychology in the compilation of 50 topics in different branches of the science. Scroll down to find a perfect topic that suits your interests and area of expertise!

  1. Is child obesity a result of parental negligence? Should it be considered child abuse?
  2. Link between psychological stress during pregnancy and preterm birth
  3. Effects of abortion on women’s mental health: evaluation and evidence
  4. Most common reasons for eating disorder or apathy towards food in teenagers
  5. Dating violence and abuse among teenagers
  6. Gender differences in long- and short-term memory in adults
  7. Natural therapies for mental illnesses: are there any safe and effective alternatives to drugs?
  8. How does rapid eye movement sleep affect mood, memory, and self-concept?
  9. Place and importance of games in the cognitive development of a preschool child
  10. Can video games have positive psychological and emotional effects on adult mental health?
  11. Can longer maternity leave lower the risks of postpartum depression?
  12. Impact of infertility on women’s mental health and ways to prevent mental disorders in infertile women
  13. Link between obesity and mental health. Mental disorders which obesity may trigger
  14. Depression and post-traumatic stress disorder in returning soldiers: causes and treatment
  15. How can a person with OCD prevent their disorder from taking over their life?
  16. Effects of chronic stress and anxiety on physical health
  17. Is there a genetic basis for violent behavior?
  18. Residents of which country have the best mental health? What are the reasons?
  19. Is there a link between creativity and mental illness?
  20. Music and the Mind: is music therapy effective for treating mental disorders?
  21. Connection between religion (spirituality) and mental health
  22. What are the most successful methods for marriage therapy and counseling?
  23. How does the work environment affect the worker’s performance, motivation, and self-esteem?
  24. Impact of birth order on children’s behavior, emotions, and personality development
  25. Psychological problems of homeless people in your country
  26. What are the best ways of promoting mental health in the workplace?
  27. Can gender segregation affect the quality of education?
  28. How do mental sets impact the ability to solve problems?
  29. Are individuals with type A behavior pattern more likely to succeed in learning institutions?
  30. How does bipolar disorder affect the everyday life of a person?
  31. Psychological and physical effects of telling lies
  32. Impact of a family member’s learning disabilities on the whole family unit
  33. Effects that speech disorders have on the cognitive development in children
  34. Emotional, financial, and physical abuse of the elderly: causes and effects
  35. Are compassion and altruistic acts more common in societies with the high level of well-being?
  36. Can the use of the internet in class be tied to lower test scores?
  37. Effects of social media reactions (‘likes’) on teens’ behavior and self-concept
  38. Psychological consequences of sexting on teenage children
  39. Psychology blogs: do they help the public understand psychology?
  40. Are there any health risk of having
  41. What are the health risks of false self-presentation on Facebook?
  42. Influence of unemployment on the mental health of the working age person
  43. Link between expressive writing and mental health
  44. Depression among older adults in nursing homes
  45. Do extraverts feel more satisfied with their lives than extroverts? Why?
  46. Effect of different phobias on personality
  47. Can a specific color of paper help improve students’ test scores?
  48. Do action films cause people to eat more snacks during a movie?
  49. Optimism Vs. pessimism: different impacts on psychological health
  50. Typical mother-daughter conflicts in your country: causes and solutions

We hope you have found a topic for your psychology research paper or at least got inspired by this article. If you’re still not sure what to write about, apply for help at masterpapers.com, a professional academic writing service. An expert writer with a degree in Psychology will suggest the most interesting topics for your research. They can also assist you with your paper or write a unique piece based on your requirements. To get matched with a subject matter expert now, just fill out this short form. We wish you good luck with your studies!

In the course of Nursing Training, students must complete several research papers. Writing one is usually difficult and boring. However, it can be even more daunting to come up with a good topic. It is hard to choose a nursing issue which is both fresh and easy to research. But should you care so much about your essay topic? Why not pick whatever comes first to your mind and just start writing about it? Well, if you want to finish your assignment fast and even enjoy the writing process, don’t be lazy to spend some time brainstorming and researching topic ideas. If you choose the right topic, it will be easier to write your paper and it will turn out better!

A nursing research paper can have as many topics as there are stars in the sky, but you should never pick one that just sounds good! It is always easier to do research when you are interested in it, so think about the areas you’d like to learn more about. Then, narrow down your area of interest to a specific issue – you don’t want to spread yourself thin by describing something too broad. Consult with your librarian and search the databases of reputable publishers for your topic keywords to see if there are enough sources to draw from. Such research may also show you some new angles on your potential topic. And last but not least, make sure the chosen topic meets your professor’s requirements!
Very often, brilliant ideas are sparked by looking at many different options. Check out this list of 47 powerful topics for a nursing research paper and see if a few pique your interest! They are arranged into {{{{{ topic areas so that you can easily find your perfect topic.

Nursing Profession

  1. Burn-out in the nursing profession
  2. Strategies for improving nurses’ emotional health
  3. Ways of enhancing nurses competence in providing spiritual care
  4. Challenges and solutions for not contracting infectious diseases
  5. How can nurses and care workers work more efficiently together?
  6. Should nurses be allowed to prescribe antibiotics?
  7. Impact of government policies on the recruitment of nurses
  8. Can health facilities benefit from building strong nursing communities?


  1. Benefits and potential risks of water birth
  2. Skin-to-skin contact by fathers and its impact on infants
  3. Can midwives help women with postpartum depression?
  4. Midwifery care of a relinquishing mother
  5. Music therapy and lactation
  6. How the unassisted childbirth movement can help enhance the practice of holistic midwifery care

Mental Health

  1. Enhanced role of nurses  in encouraging patients with dementia to eat and drink
  2. Behavior analysis in pediatric primary care
  3. Alzheimer disease and the problems encountered by the spouses of the patients
  4. Does exercise improve mental health?
  5. Impact of ageism in mental health and addictions sector

Child Nursing

  1. Benefits of pet therapy in children on the autism disorder spectrum
  2. Does obesity in children cause risks for influenza complications?\
  3. Improving asthma management in schools
  4. Management of pain in pediatric nursing
  5. The use of cough and cold medicines in very young children
  6. Children’s health insurance: a right or a privilege?

Adult Nursing

  1. Effects of abdominal massage in critically ill patients
  2. Mirror therapy for brain-injured or stroke patients with partial paralysis
  3. Cardiovascular risk scores in relation to age and gender
  4. The role of self-care management in sickle cell adult patients
  5. The role of nurses in weight loss programs for adults
  6. Do whole grains in an adult’s diet prevent cardiovascular diseases?

Elderly Care

  1. Ways to identify an abused elderly patient
  2. Change in health care for the elderly in your country
  3. Alcohol use among elderly patients in nursing homes
  4. Clinical trials in older patients
  5. Measures to take when the elderly refuse to eat

Women’s Health

  1. Acne prevention and treatment in women
  2. Factors that alter breast milk content
  3. Increased risk factors for osteoporosis in women
  4. Ways to teach patients about menopause management options

Pain Management

  1. Emerging ethical issues in pain management
  2. Effects of cold therapy (a non-pharmacological method) for pain management
  3. Influence of patient’s race and gender on pain management decisions
  4. Effective end-of-life care interventions

Primary Health Care

  1. How well are nurses prepared for primary health care in your country?
  2. Patient and family engagement in primary care
  3. Primary health care: comparing public health nursing models in different countries

Can’t see the right topic on this list? Or struggling to find research material for your paper? Keep calm and ask a subject-relevant academic writer for help. They will solve your writing issue super fast respecting your confidentiality. We guarantee you 100% uniqueness, high quality, and better grades! Want a special discount on top-notch academic services? Just follow our page and place your order. Good luck with your research paper!

Writing an argumentative essay is quite challenging, especially if you have no idea what to write about. An argumentative essay requires you to take a position on a topic and backup your viewpoint with evidence. So actually, you can just pick an issue that really bugs you, research it and state your arguments. You should choose a statement that you truly care about and will enjoy researching.

If you are stuck on a topic for your argumentative essay or just not sure if your ideas are powerful enough, check out the list of 52 outstanding topics that are worth arguing! We hope they will help you get started.

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Technology and Social Media

  1. Is it a good idea to use drones for projects outside of the military?
  2. Can we blame the increasing use of technology for the rise in mental illnesses?
  3. Should young children own a computer, a tablet or a smartphone? And how young is too young?
  4. Has the option of online education diminished the value of face-to-face learning?
  5. Should policymakers respond to the fact that technology is replacing many human jobs?
  6. Are self-driving cars really beneficial for society?
  7. Is it a good idea for world leaders to have social media accounts?
  8. Have photographs lost their value because there are too many of them?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Sports and Athletics

  1. Sports betting: should it be legalized everywhere for everyone?
  2. Should sports that involve animals be banned?
  3. What should colleges fund – wellness programs or sports?
  4. Is it necessary to set stricter rules about how coaches treat their players?
  5. Should professional video gaming be considered a sport?
  6. Should the government create retirement programs for athletes?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas On Health Care and Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Is the government doing enough to help people with mental illnesses?
  2. Should doctors be allowed to recommend skincare and weight loss products to their patients?
  3. Should parents who refuse to vaccinate their children be punished by law?
  4. Should mental health care be a part of the college education?
  5. Can people on the autism spectrum be equal members of society?
  6. Do people who suffer from severe acne need not only medical but also emotional support?
  7. What is more dangerous – being underweight or being overweight?
  8. There are parents who can’t provide nutritious and healthy food for their children.  Should they face criminal charges?
  9. Is it up to consumers to learn more about what they are buying?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas On Education

  1. Should child support include paying for college?
  2. Is working while in college a good idea?
  3. Will college education lose its quality and value if it becomes free?
  4. Can standardized tests measure the real knowledge and skills of a student?
  5. Should college athletes get paid?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Arts and Media

  1. Does pop culture deserve serious study?
  2. Can TV ads be considered objects of art?
  3. Is there a superior kind of art or are they all equal?
  4. Is the quality of American art deteriorating?
  5.  Is it important to have a talent to succeed in art nowadays? Or does modern art require ambitions only?
  6. Do we become more limited due to the mainstream culture?
  7. Is it true that only wealthy people can build a successful career in art?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Politics and the Legal System

  1. “Politicians that allow same-sex couples to marry are just attracting votes.” Do you agree with this statement?
  2. Are the moral and ethical values of public just game objects for politicians?
  3. Are there times when autocracy is better than democracy?
  4. Should offensive cartoons and comics about politicians be banned? Or is it a good way to display them to the public?
  5. Can society benefit if some books and movies are banned?
  6. Are politicians in your country making misuse of their rights and privileges?
  7. Is it a good idea to increase the voting age to 21?
  8. Should the government have the power to access your personal cell phone data?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Race, Culture, and Identity

  1. Adopting a child from another ethnic group- is it a good idea?
  2. Is it important for a person to know their racial and cultural heritage?
  3. Should multiculturalism be taught in classrooms?
  4. Should people have to take a parenting test and get a license before having a child?
  5. What are your arguments for and against racial profiling? Should it be accepted or banned?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Environment and Ecology

  1. Is working from home good for the environment?
  2. Can vegetarianism help save the planet?
  3. Should car owners pay more in taxes?
  4. Is the government doing enough to tackle the risks of global warming?

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College students are those who attain their higher education as a regular pupil of an institution. These days, in most of the educational institutions there is no age limit of the pupils. There are many adult learners who are returning back to the educational institutions after a hiatus from studies due to their jobs or other personal problems. In this group are the mothers who had left their education because of their babies. There are also working executives who want to brush up their education in order to climb the ladder of professional growth. Quite evidently there are also teenagers or young adults who are fresh out of school.

Such a variety of learners are interesting not only for the class in general but also the teachers who teach them. The young can add their natural enthusiasm to the class, whereas the older learners can enrich the entire learning process with their experiences. Since today’s education is an amalgamation of both theoretical and practical activities, group work can be a highly enriching experience for all age groups.

There is no need to worry if the education expenses are high. There are lots of loan facilities available these days, which help the pupils in fulfilling their dreams of higher education, many online resources give information about how to write term paper or how to write essay. There are also scholarships, which can be attained with talent and hard work. All you need to do is to get in touch with the admission department of the institution in which you want to study to get information related to the fee.

These days, lots of pupils get engaged in internships or part time jobs to pay their fees. Though it is a little difficult to manage both studies and jobs at the same time, an amalgamation of both these activities helps in churning out a well-groomed and focussed individual ready to combat the complexities of the professional life. All students also have to write essays, research papers, courseworks, etc. In order to get professional experience it is not wise to neglect one’s studies. Though lots of things are learnt on the job, a sound education helps in making the point clearer. This is the reason why many older executives are enrolled in professional courses.

Higher education classes should not be treated just a way of attaining a degree. Instead of studying only during the exams the pupils should make it a habit to study regularly so that they do not panic during the exam time. All the educational institutions have libraries. The pupils should make the maximum use of the useful books present there. Internet has made searching for information easier. But the real friend of a pupil is his book. He should not neglect its importance in this golden phase of his life.

Pupils of today have a lot more studying facilities and options. Those who are not able to enrol in a full time course can also study in a part time course. For those who find it difficult to attend the morning classes, there is the option of attending the evening classes or videoconference lecturers.

College students should take all these learning opportunities in their stride and make the most out of their talents and skills.

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