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Description essay is one of the extensively used essay types. It is a written assignment intended to describe the matter which may include people, places or buildings, objects or events. Depending on the matter different structural patterns should be observed.

Thus when describing a person, structure your description essay in the following way:

  • the introduction which gives general facts about the person;
  • the main body in which you describe the physical appearance and personal qualities of that particular person;
  • the conclusion whereby you express personal attitude towards him.

The writing style of your description essay depends on the intended reader and the situation.

A description essay about a place should contain the following parts:

  • the introduction in which you give the location and name of the place as well as reasons for choosing it;
  • the main body which suggests the description and peculiarities of the main aspects of the place in detail;
  • the conclusion in which you give your comments and recommendations.

Descriptions of places can be usually found in travel brochures and tourist magazines or as parts of stories and letters. Thus your description essay should include info on weight, size, age, shape, color, pattern of decoration, origin and material as well as a number of special features of the given object. In such essays a variety of opinions and fact adjectives can brighten your essay and make it livelier.

Description of an event consists of:

  • the introduction where you give the name, place, time and reasons for celebrating;
  • the main body which contains the description of the preparations and the event itself in separate paragraphs;
  • the conclusion which includes comments and feelings concerning the event.

In order to make your writing more vivid, use a variety of adverbs and adjectives. Depictions of events, festivals and celebrations can be found in newspapers, travel brochures and magazines.

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