How To Write a Body Paragraph

Words To Start A Body Paragraph In An Essay – Find Your Inspiration Here

Writing an essay is a comprehensive process, especially for new learners. To lessen the burden, the smartest decision would be to split the process into major parts, starting with finding the right body paragraph essay starters and working on every part separately. Without a second thought, the most difficult and time-consuming task is thinking about a body paragraph.

What are the peculiarities of writing an essay body paragraph? It is the core piece of writing – the main element of the essay that elaborates on the topic, shows the results of the conducted analysis, and supports the writer’s argument. It is never an easy task to make a brilliant body segment that earns the highest scores and adheres to basic writing directives. Fortunately, we are familiar with certain tricks to simplify this assignment without efforts.

There are 1000+ words to start a body paragraph in an essay. Depending on the context, you might need to use linking phrases that express agreement – disagreement, condition – cause, result – consequences, etc. These words enrich your text with emotional diversity, creating a smooth flow of ideas and arguments. This way readers can follow the plot development without losing the mean idea or their interest. The complete list of sentence starters is included further in this article.

Now, let’s figure out what is a body paragraph in an essay and how to write it in the right way.

Argumentative Essay Body Paragraph: How-To + 5 Writing Tricks

An argumentative essay body paragraph is the central component of the written work. It supports conducted analysis and lists the evidence that proves the main statement of purpose. It is the biggest element of an essay and should include 5+ separate paragraphs, each devoted to an individual argument. This is the general definition of a standard argumentative essay. Note that your teacher might have a different view on writing principles and expect your work to meet specific requirements.

Still, certain bits of advice work in every case. To make an ace body paragraph for argumentative essay, follow these insightful tips from our top writers:

  • Stick to instructions.

If you think that initial instructions are for dummies, better think twice. Essay requirements vary from subject to subject, from topic to topic, from academic level to academic level, and from teacher to teacher. Don’t show ignorance and follow your composition specifications accurately.

  • Make an essay body paragraph outline.

Students try to save time on everything, planning included. However, by skipping the plan they only increase their work time. Always do yourself a favor and make a blueprint of any written work – no matter its complexity or length.

  • Use linking words.

Essay writing is a very old academic assignment. Over the centuries of its existence, the great minds of the world have worked on special words and phrases that enrich the text and ensure its logical consistency. Apply them in your writing freely.

The web is full of different essay body samples, and many of them are free. Find a body paragraph example essay and use it as an inspiration and a template for your own work. There are some quality free samples available for download at our website, too.

  • Find a proofreader.

Sure, the best way to ensure your essay body is free from mistakes is to hire a professional proofreader for it. Our company sells proofreading services individually and offers them free of charge for every written order. However, if this is not an option, ask your friend, your parent or your neighbor to have a look at the final copy. Even a non-professional can spot mistakes or points that require re-improvement.

Should you have any additional questions on essay body writing principles, do not hesitate to contact our friendly representative.

How To Start A Body Paragraph In An Essay – The Best Opening Lines

How to start a body paragraph in an essay? The right opening determines everything: it sets the tone of voice and the coherence of arguments, catches the reader’s attention and expresses your opinion on the subject.

Take your time to find a perfect introductory line for your body paragraph, or feel encouraged by these linking phrases examples:

  • This essay discusses/ is focused on/ emphasizes on.
  • The central theme/ topic/ argument/ subject/ key aspect/ issue/ … is described/ evaluated/ examined/ investigated/ analyzed/ defined/ explored/ explained/ demonstrated.
  • Similarly/ in the same way/ in comparison/ however/ in contrast/ nevertheless/ conversely.
  • According to/ based on the findings of/ as explained by/ similarly/ based on the ideas of/ as identified by.
  • Therefore/ as a result / for that reason/ hence/ consequently/ with regard to/ considering/ subsequently.
  • For example/ as can be seen in/ as demonstrated by/ such as/ as an example/ for instance.
  • In summary/ In conclusion/ To summarize/ To sum up/ To conclude/ In short.

Look up to this list when writing your body paragraph. Highlight the phrases used to avoid repetition.

Essay Body Paragraph Structure – 3 Ways To Arrange It

The body paragraph of an essay must have a well-thought and accurately prescribed structure. Without a proper structure, it will be a mess of unrelated thoughts and evidence. You might understand the meaning of your unstructured essay, however, your reader might get lost in the very beginning. To avoid this, always structure the text in an appropriate order.

There are 3 ways to organize your essay body paragraph structure:

  • Classical step-by-step approach. Follow your workflow and describe it step-by-step: what argument came first, what is the explanation of it, what was the evidence for it, what are the outcomes of analysis, etc.
  • A contrastive approach. This approach works perfectly with alternative points of view on the subject. Put your findings and arguments in contrast. Split them into individual parts and describe them in comparison to one another.
  • Development & outcome approach. Start with defining the topic sentence. Proceed with the research development and the outcome of the analysis. List the development and outcome examples in a logical order. Make a summary in the end.

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