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What Are the Different Types of Essays in Academic Writing?

Many students in colleges find it difficult to give appropriate answers to the question: What are the different types of essays? Essays can be distinguished by determining the goal of the writer. The major types of essays are descriptive essays, narrative essays, expository essays, analytical essays, and persuasive essays.

Different Types of Essays and Examples That We Can Help You Write

Students are required to develop a short piece of writing on a topic or subject, and hence they are needed to understand the different types of essays and examples of each essay type. Our articles are written in different ways; therefore, students can understand what our company offers with ease. Some of these essays are:

  • Descriptive essays

These essays recount every detail, no matter how unimportant they may be. For example, in an essay describing a house, you are supposed to write about the roof, door color, the mode of construction used, people living in it, and every detail that may help in identifying the house.

  • Narrative essay

This is more of writing a real-life story. The story captivates the reader in a way that makes them feel their presence in the story. It engages the reader by making the story vivid and examines a person’s storytelling ability.

  • Argumentative essay

This essay presents both for and against ideas for a particular subject. Besides, the pros and cons of a subject are discussed, to emphasize on both sides of the topic. It is two-sided, thus ensures balance in ideas for both concepts.

  • Expository essay

This essay entails the causes and effects, comparisons, and similarities of a particular subject. A writer gives explanations on a topic using real facts, history, or statistics. It needs one to research and work on the facts before writing.

  • Analytical essay

This is an essay that requires one to find data from different sources and perform an analysis to come up with facts that are not based on one’s opinion. It involves a process of having the methodology, then the findings, and afterward making a conclusion and coming up with recommendations for other researchers of the same subject to use in the future.

  • Persuasive essay

This essay needs to convince readers of an opinion based on facts and examples. It is based on substantial evidence to support the opinion and uses logic and expert opinions to persuade the audience.

These six types of essays are meant to provide information to a reader, whether factual or conclusive. There is a need to understand the essays and how to write them. You may need one of these types of essays before the completion of your studies. Lack of time to write or have a lot of activities may give the need to seek our quality services.

Understanding the Different Types of Introductions for Essays

The six different types of essays have a similarity in the introduction and conclusion. The essay is introduced to give a glimpse of what the essay will be about, and the conclusion makes a summary or gives final opinions on a particular topic. The essay introductions are of four types.

First, an anecdote that involves the writer starting an essay with a story. The short story will give an insight into the subject and captivates the reader to want to know how the story ends with concepts included in the essay. This also makes it easier to understand as the reader will keep on relating to the story while reading the essay.

Second is the quotation, whereby an introduction quotes an expert to create the credibility of the research and create a solid foundation for the argument. This is because many people tend to believe experts’ information a lot hence can quickly agree on them. The third is the use of unexpected facts.

These are the factual information on a topic that is interesting but not much known. It gives incite on the topic relating to real-life experiences. The fourth is the use of questions. Starting an essay with a question makes the reader think of the possible answers while reading the article, and this ensures that their concentration is not lost. The reader will keep looking for the answers in the essay or try to think of the possible solutions to the questions.

Your choice from the different types of introductions for essays depends on the kind of essay you are writing and the goal that you intend to achieve.

Different Types of Conclusions for Essays to Choose From

The conclusion creates the final impression of the essay. Just like the introduction, the outcome is of various types. These are the Summary conclusion, which gives an overview of the points in the article. It works well when the essay is too long to remind the reader of the facts discussed in the essay. Also, it does not contain any new information but only facts on the arguments made in the essay. The second is the editorial type, which gives the writer the right to provide their personal opinions on the subject using clear language and discloses the writer’s identity. You can share thoughts with the audience or readers. The third is the external type, which allows you to make a transition to a different but relevant topic to create a new perspective of the essay and leave the audience to try and form own facts for essay continuation.

Your choice from the different types of conclusions for essays depends on the kind of essay you are writing and the goal that you intend to achieve.

Types of IELTS Essays

Some essays may require you not to write a specific type of article but to follow specific instructions given other than for those 5 different types of essays mentioned. This may be such as the International English Language Testing System essays. IELTS sets standards for English proficiency hence provides tests for one to gauge their English language proficiency. These are the different types of IELTS essays:

  • Argumentative essay

In this, you are required to choose a side of an argument and provide supporting evidence for it. For example, the questions may be presented as; what is your opinion, or do you disagree or agree? Therefore, it needs you to concentrate on either supporting or not supporting the argument made.

  • Discussion essay

This essay wants you to mention and support both sides of the argument. It has three parts, the supporting, opposing, and opinion sides. This gives readers a broader view of the topic being discussed.

  • Multiple question essay

This essay requires you to provide your stance about an argument, support it, and come up with new questions to keep answering. It covers a more extensive scope of a topic by answering different questions continuously.

These essays gauge one’s English proficiency skill hence the need for scholarly writing.

Types of Tones in Essays

To develop a quality essay, the writer’s attitude should be positive. The positivity or negativity of a writer’s opinion is called the tone. There are several different types of tones in essays that help in developing a quality essay. These are:

  • Joyful sound

To express positive emotions when writing an essay with joy or love, the cheery tone is used. It creates builds a positive relationship with the reader, making them feel the pleasure in the essay.

  • Humorous tone

Expressing a funny tone makes people laugh and gives the feeling of relaxation while reading the essay. The reader has an easy mind making them understand the concepts better.

  • Serious tone

To express important information to the readers, a serious tone is used. It makes the reader know the importance of the ideas being spoken about or action created.

  • Formal tone

A formal tone is used for intellectual essays. It gives more of the factual ideas rather than the writer’s opinion. It aims to create or prove that a plan is accurate by providing evidence to support it.

  • Informal tone

An informal essay does not require structured language to convey ideas but needs to be conversational while proving expertise in the subject of discussion.

Depending on the type of essay needed, different tones are used in conveying intended messages. They all have different effects on the reader in trying to engage them.

Types of Essays Worksheets

At times, students may want readily available writing material other than using the plain papers. This leads to understanding the different types of essays worksheets that can be used to write an essay of choice. These are:

  • Writing process for essay worksheet

This worksheet contains the process required to write different types of college essays. It gives a step by step breakdown of the topics and sub-topics needed.

  • Four paragraph essay worksheet

This gives the guideline on the number of paragraphs needed for a particular essay and also guides on when to start and end a paragraph. They usually have writing lines in the worksheets.

  • Four paragraphs with no lines essay worksheet

This worksheet includes a four-paragraph space of writing but does not have writing lines. It only guides on the number and size of paragraphs.

  • Five paragraph essay worksheet

Most essays require five paragraphs: the introduction, their body paragraphs, and the conclusion. Five paragraph essay worksheet gives a breakdown of the paragraphs for a student to follow when writing.

  • Five paragraph essay with no lines

This gives the guide on where to start a paragraph but does not have the lines for a usual worksheet.

  • Argumentative essay worksheet

This worksheet provides a guide to a writer to help in looking at both sides of the essay without focusing on one. The first paragraph gives expects a writer to produce their stand on the subject, then the three body paragraphs provide support evidence, and lastly, the conclusion.

This information is essential in deciding on the type of essay to have and choosing the best source as we provide. If you need the best detailed argumentative, analytical, expository, persuasive, or IELTS essays, with all your needed requirements, visit us!

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