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Basic Narrative Essay Format: Tips and Tricks

All academic papers have specific structures that need the following. Similarly, narrative essays are no exception; they have a typical structure that the writer should follow.

An important consideration is to develop the theme or title of the essay first. Something like presenting a personal story and analyzing the events of the story. Your narration needs to have intriguing tales and manageable plot. Keep in mind; you are not writing a novel. You are writing a personal story in a manner that elicits unforgettable memories or impressions upon the reader.

You want to come up with something exciting and captivating. The reader should be able to feel what you experienced. It does not have to be a complicated tale. It can be a narrative essay about life whereby the author tells vividly about an unforgettable experience, such as a holiday summer trip to Vienna, Austria.

Therefore, a typical narrative essay format has an introduction, body, and conclusion. Though, there is no strict guidelines or structure to follow for this type of writing. The outlined format is meant to help come up with excellent narration. Start the introduction with the right tone helping the reader understand the subject or theme of the story.

The body section uses descriptive language to present the events or incidents that transpired to help expound upon the theme of the story in detail. In the end, conclude with a catchy or memorable occasion, or quote or something that keeps the reader wanting for more.

Guidelines of How to Write Literacy Narrative Essays

The fundamental theme or purpose of literacy narrative essays is to share compelling personal experiences the author experienced with literacy in any of its varied forms, such as writing, reading, and learning the language.

The literacy narrative should not only explore how literacy has impacted you or your life but also explore opportunities that will positively impact other people who read the story.

Below are elements to consider for developing a good essay narrative:

  • The narrative should mostly be non-fictitious to give it a sense of authenticity and weight upon the reader. It can be a single event that happened within a brief period. Whatever the topic you choose, it should be attractive to you and others. You can write about a book that has somehow influenced your life or what influenced your current attitudes toward reading or writing.
  • Your narrative must have a structure. The story from the introduction, body, and conclusion should have a chronological flow of events. For example, you can introduce the story. Then describe the setting and people. Tell what happened. Say how the story was resolved. In the end, say something about the significance.
  • Use an active voice, figures of speech, powerful and precise modifiers, to engage the reader.
  • The narrative needs to leave the reader with an implied message or theme which is not explicitly stated but creates a sense of closure.

Now having understood that a literacy narrative is simply a story that describes how you learned to write, read, and compose, you are a step closer to write a good narrative paper. Remember, great narrative essays have to be non-fictitious and based upon the writer’s experiences. During writing, you are merely dramatizing an event from memory. However, sometimes, you are bound to forget some details but ensure your overall story remains faithful to your experience.

An Example of Narrative Essay to Get You Started

Having understood the narrative essay meaning, it is crucial to look at samples of essay narratives to help you develop better ideas for your narrative assignment paper.

Here’s a brief example of narrative essay:

“It was closing day at school, and the long year in 4th grade was over. That afternoon the weather was chilly as it had rained heavily, and we almost reached home when the sun had fallen deep in the horizon. I hurriedly rushed into my room to have a change of clothes since I was soaking wet. I then joined my mother in the kitchen, who had already lit some fire to prepare supper.

We were living with my mother after the separation with my dad that happened when I was 3rd grade. I went closer to the fire as my body was now shivering from the intense cold. My mother rubbed my back and said, “Am proud of you, my little hero,” as I went on telling her all about my schoolwork performance.

Sometimes the nights were tedious and tiresome as we did not have any television and our old radio would sometimes run out of batteries. However, I enjoyed the fantastic stories my mother told me before going to bed.

The wood was catching fire, and you would feel the warmth in the room. This day my mother was in a somber mood, and she started humming the lyrics on one of my favorite songs, “Heal the World” by Michael Jackson. I immediately began to sing the words as is my custom after finishing listening to my mother’s stories and off to bed. As the words flowed smoothly and I was carried into my world stage performing for the pillar of my life, my mother. It was an unforgettable moment as I saw the bright smile and joy in my mother’s eyes. There and there, I knew I was destined to be a great singer and bring positive impact to people’s life.”

You can use the above narrative example and other short narrative essays examples on the web to come up with great ideas for your assignment paper.

Keep in mind that the critical tool in narratives is imagery, and being able to present your story vividly will help you write a good paper. It is essential details be expressed well as they show the meaning of these events in your life and helps the reader somewhat develop an emotional connection to the event.

How to Define Narrative Essay

The first rule in all academic assignments is to get to understand the requirements or instructions for the essay paper. So what’s a narrative essay?

Narratives are stories told for different purposes. Therefore, to define narrative essay, it can be regarded as a personal story based on your experiences. It can be an exciting endeavor or an overwhelming challenge to write this type of essay; it only depends on your inspiration.

If you are genuinely inspired by a person, event, or moment, it won’t be challenging to write about it. However, if you have no idea how to approach this type of paper, that is where the difficulty arises, and things get serious. Since the essay will be part of your final grade, this builds too much pressure.

However, you do not have to worry so much. You can use our ultimate narrative essay tips to accomplish better performance in such a paper. The advice found on this page comes from professional writers that have previously written dozens of narrative papers. It is a trustworthy resource to use. You can also order an essay with us if you still get stuck after reading all the tips and examples found on this page.

What Are the Characteristics of Narrative Essay

These essays are mostly experiential, anecdotal, and personal, giving the writer the freedom to creatively and captivatingly express themselves.

If the essay is written as a story, it should include an introduction, plot, setting, characters, climax, and conclusion. On the other hand, if it is not written as a story such as a book report, it should provide an informative narrative for the reader.

The are three main characteristics of narrative essay: character, theme, and dialogue.

  • Character

Characters represent a crucial part of an essay narrative. The person writing the essay represents a character that behaves or does things in a particular manner similar to other characters found in stories and novels.

  • Theme or Motif

The theme or motif directs the message or purpose of the narrative. It has specific supporting pieces of evidence elaborated within the body text using various characters.

  • Dialogue

Conversations between characters are captured using dialogue, which brings about the liveliness and worth of the characters in the story.

Things to Remember in Your Essay

In summary, to kick start your writing use the following ideas for narrative essays:

  • The essay narrative has to be told from a particular point of view, that of the author.
  • Has a point to put across with supporting evidence from characters’ interactions using precise details?
  • The verbs and modifiers used must be vivid and precise.
  • Employ the use of conflict and sequence following the conventional storytelling technique that involves having a plot, characters, setting, climax, and ending.
  • You can also use dialogue to give some liveliness and importance to the characters in the story.

Now you know or have an idea on how to write an essay narrative! If you approach your narrative paper assignment with an open mind, it can be an amusing assignment whereby you get your creational juices flowing. The tips you have gone through have certainly positively prepared you to get started with your perfect narration.

Remember, be open-minded and stay focused! You have now been initiated into the world of storytelling. It marks an integral part of your growth as a student. Make sure your essay follows the correct writing guidelines. Have a look at the following guidelines for MLA format for narrative essays.

Keep in mind: if you get stuck, you can always rely on us as we provide professional writing help services.

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