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What Is a Narrative Essay and How to Deal with It

In a nutshell, you can define a narrative essay as an academic paper that tells a story. So, to create such an assignment, you need to have some story in mind, laying out its components in line with academic conventions and the best standards of narration. If you’re new to this kind of writing, read on to find the fundamental rules and tips of doing it hassle-free.

Wonder “How Do I Write a Narrative Essay?” Wonder No More!

As the term “narrative” suggests, this type of assignment should follow the style of story-telling.

Thus, to stay within the format, you need to include the following components into your text:

  • The setting of your story is the location where all the action will take place. Make sure to say a few words about it as it helps the readers visualize your narrative and creates a holistic impression of the story.
  • Theme – it is the central idea and message of your story. Is it about an inspirational leader? Is it about your friendship? Is it about the situation in which you were on the verge of death? The reader has to capture the central theme in the first lines of your essay.
  • Next comes the mood. Every story has some unique tone, or mood, in which it is told. It would help if you determined the effect you want to achieve with your story. Will it be fear? Encouragement? Inspiration? Hope? Be sure to make it clear.
  • Characters inhabit any story, even if it is about one person. If you tell a personal story involving no other people, then you will be the only protagonist. If you write about some relationship, life-changing meeting, or people you admire, there will be several characters.
  • The plot is also a vital element of any narrative as it ties everything together. It is an action that takes place in a particular location to specific characters. To make the story more exciting for the readers, including a climax, which is a turning point triggering a change in events or characters.

Narrative Essay Paragraph – Example

Still unsure how to compose a narrative essay properly? Let’s look at a sample paragraph written by one of our experts to see how it works in practice:

Being true to yourself seems easy as you know who you are and what you want. But at times, life offers lessons that you can learn only by becoming a better version of yourself, which is usually a formidable challenge to overcome. I understood it one day when life offered me a choice – either remaining a good friend or being happy in love. Both seemed fine, but not in my case, as to get one, I needed to sacrifice the other one. That’s what came to my mind on the day when my best friend Larry acquainted me with his new girlfriend, Amanda.

Can You Use I in a Narrative Essay? Let’s Find Out!

As a rule, the use of “I” is acceptable in narrative essays as long as you tell a personal story. If you tell a story about other people or events, try to avoid using “I” in line with the academic conventions of third-person writing.

More Tips from Professional Writers

Many students wonder what they can write a narrative essay about. Our writers are sure that there is no end to ideas for this type of academic assignment. So, you can experiment with the following topics:

  • A recollection of meeting some celebrity or a person who changed your life or worldview.
  • A story about how you earned your first money.
  • A travel experience to a country of your dream.
  • A story of friendship.
  • Telling about your sports experience.
  • Sweet childhood memories.
  • An essay about a situation when your life was in real danger.
  • A story about betrayal/cheating and your lessons learned from it.

The list can go on forever, as you can craft a good narrative about anything, whether a real or a fictional object. The main rule to keep in mind is that it should follow the narrative conventions outlined above.

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