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Reliable and time-tested quality assurance system is the most essential aspect of our success in the market. A number of our competitors do not pay proper attention to systematic quality control considering it to be unnecessary waste of time. We do not accept such irresponsible approach. Quality assurance system includes three major aspects: anti-plagiarism policy, performance monitoring, and deadline policy.

Our company implements zero-tolerance anti-plagiarism policy. Every piece of writing completed by our writing team is checked with the help of powerful anti-plagiarism engines to make sure that it is really original. We do not use the software that saves each paper checked to a database for further matching with other papers. We are perfectly aware that plagiarism is labeled as the most severe violation by absolutely all educational institutions in the U.S. and abroad, and take all precautions possible to avoid it with our writing team.

Darril: I personally abhor plagiarism, because I think it’s fun to think about a project and try to be innovative. But when information must be gathered from outside sources, it’s only fair that it should be collected and then collated in the research writer’s own style rather than aping someone else’s work. After all quotes and references can always be included where necessary, they just need to be cited properly.

Jessica: "Plagiarism" is derived from the words plagiaries – plunderer and plagium – kidnapping.

Michael: It is illegal to copy someone else’s work and it is dealt with seriously. I personally do not appreciate plagiarism. In order to maintain the originality of the paper everyone should ensure that citations are minimized .A paper should be an expression of one’s though. Even if you have to support your thoughts with someone else’s work it is imperative that the person who has written the original manuscript gets the credit for it.

Maria: I am particularly concerned about plagiarism, having been a victim with one of my Filipino romance novels. Fortunately, a reader alerted me and my publishers and the perpetrator was brought to court. He has since been blacklisted by all local romance publishers.

David: This is a form of cheating or stealing because a writer’s work is his intellectual property.

Kate: If research is conducted thoroughly and a good understanding of the subject is achieved, there should be no need for plagiarism.

Dale: Laws were established to give limited “franchise license” to those who articulate those ideas first. The franchise expires so many years after the death of the originator of the idea. That franchise license allows the originator to use that idea enfettered and anyone who proceeds to use that idea without acknowledgment, permission or negotiated compensation is in violation of copyright law.

Stephanie: Plagiarism helps people without ideas and kills people with brains.

Denis: Those who have no personal opinions cannnot really give a good thought in any article they write. Sometimes we do have to borrow some material from other writers it is always better to give credit to the original author.

Sue: Plagarism is A capital crime that is not clearly stated in religious books, but to a certain level, it is- "thou shall not steal".


Diane: Plagiarism should not be tolerated at all levels. It violates intellectual property rights.

Kevin: Plagiarism: Stealing / Thieving / Taking without a by-your-leave or an acknowledgement. Plagiarists – are they pressed for time, or couldn’t they care less, or what"Ethics and morals need a place always, and whatever.

Paul: Plagiarism is the last refuge of the unimaginative, and when it comes to academics, it’s a crime.

Ruth: That is stealing and it is forbidden by law. It is important for the author to be able to prove that he is the one who actually wrote something. Today plagiarism is more widespread then ever due to all the information available to people from various resources (like the internet and media). It is often used and allowed in schools because no one checks the essays that students write in detail and for students plagiarism is the easy way to make their assignment. It is wrong and should be strictly punished. I believe it is commonly used by those with a lack of creativity and self-esteem.

Sara: Plagiarism, I believe, killis originality. One looses one’s ability to think and innovate. An article or an essay, written completely on your own, is the only prose worth reading and appreciating. copying information without the owner’s conset is insulting that person’s work. I was, I am, and I will always be against plagiarism.

Susanne: I believe that plagiarism is a blatant form of laziness and dishonesty and should be avoided at all cost not only for the benefit of all but also for personal benefit. I believe that it’s stealing other peoples’ labor with acknowledgement.

Tobias: I have been schooled to be completely against plagiarism and to respect other people’s intellectual property rights. This is why proper citation should always be used when writing papers.

Robert: I feel that plagiarism is an offence as it steals away the credits that are due to the original selfless writer and misappropriates the intellectual property.

Steve: Basically, it’s deplorable. If you can’t communicate in your own words, find something else to do. If you want to collect other people’s words, be honest and say that’s what you’re doing.

Lisa: Plagiarism is wrong. There is no way around it. In the process of writing academic papers, especially for pay on a professional basis, there must be extreme caution to avoid plagiarism. Erring on the side of caution is always the best route to take. I would not ever want to be accused of plagiarism. I would never do it intentionally, and will be extremely careful to never do it accidentally either.

Paul: The biggest problem is how you can know for sure that the source is original and that you are not just plagiarizing the plagiarized. The best way to avoid all this is to double check your sources and to use at least two but even better three independent fonts of knowledge. If they tally on the main points then the facts are probably correct. It actually gives more credibility to a paper if all three of the sources are credited.It will also demonstrate that original research has actually been done well by someone.

Jason: Plagiarism is a very wrong crime, it robs intellectuals of work that may have taken much time to complete and it isn’t victimless.

Rebecca: In my opinion, plagiarism is akin to theft as passing somebody else’s work off as your own is, in effect, stealing another&38217;s property. It is therefore essential that all citations are clearly referenced according to an established style guide. Intentional plagiarism should not be tolerated.

David: Plagiarism is thoughtlessness, unimaginativeness, literal-mindedness! It is mental sloth, intellectual theft, and a lack of pride in self-application!

Greg: It is a serious crime which is punishable by law. Plagiarism should be avoided at all costs and thus original work should be presented.

Lily: If I quote William Faulkner without saying he’s the original source of the sentence, then I am plagiarizing. If I copy text verbatim from the encyclopedia without citing it, I am plagiarizing. Though fair use ensures that ideas and facts are never protected by a copyright, I thoroughly believe in citing any idea or thought that is not my own original creation.

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