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How to Review an Article Like a Professional Writer

Students often encounter numerous academic papers in college. Your college professor might give you the assignment to review an article. Unfortunately, most learners don’t know the review process and find it challenging to complete the assignment.

Reviewing articles allows learners to assess and critically analyze academic papers from other scholars in a specific subject discipline. Usually, professionals in other fields can conduct peer review to ensure the papers are within the required publication standards.

It is essential to comprehend the subject matter and your tutor’s expectation in delivering an in-depth paper analysis if you get such an academic assignment.

This article discusses what a peer review article entails and insightful tips on how to critique an article.

What Is Peer Review Article – in Simple Words

Peer review is a critical process that entails the evaluation of a particular academic publication. The people involved in the review are the author’s peers and renowned researchers in that specific field of study. The review professionals must read the paper and analyze it thoroughly to ascertain whether it is fit for publishing or needs to be revised. Also, the peer reviewers can reject the article if it does not meet the required standards.

Most institutions of higher learning use peer-reviewed journals as a measure of quality academic expertise in particular subject disciplines. Therefore, a peer-review paper has undergone a successful evaluation process. Renowned journal editors and scholars have approved it as a high-quality research paper to be used as learning resources or for other significant academic purposes.

Harvard Business Review Leadership Article

Reviewing a Harvard business leadership article requires you to follow essential steps to help you develop a successful appraisal.

You must first understand what the paper entails to identify the target audience. Such papers are positive presentations that respond to the writer’s analysis.

Identify the organization in the article to help you comprehend the setting and the author’s research angle. Read the article carefully and understand the writer’s opinion and how you will counter the arguments while identifying research gaps or significant proposals.

In this review, you must critically analyze leadership evolution and development. Bring out the different leadership types and strategies. You can also review leadership effectiveness in modern organizations with technological advances.

Furthermore, you can summarize leadership roles in different managerial capacities while discussing the top qualities of an excellent leader.

Economics Article Review

When evaluating an economics paper, you must highlight the pros and cons of the research paper. Does the article add any value to the audience? Is the author’s opinion objective? You have to conduct an in-depth analysis of the paper and interpret it to the audience. Ensure you summarize the central ideas and arguments from the author and paraphrase them to get a unique review.

In the economics review, it is essential to comprehend the author’s interests and the primary research purpose or question. Identify the research methods used in analysis and the evaluation level. In addition, make sure you know the findings and implications of the analysis.

Business Article Review

Business journals cover a diverse range of ideas and global concepts. Thus, it is essential to present your genuine opinion about the article in question. Is it clear, analytical, and valuable in today’s dynamic business world?

Your article review must reveal whether the author was thorough in delivering the research objective. Hence, ensure you critically evaluate the author’s opinion and contribution to the particular subject discipline.

Don’t forget to analyze the significant themes and arguments while developing a concrete assessment of the business article.

Tricks and Tips Used by Experienced Authors

When it comes to assessing articles, you must first comprehend the content before embarking on the review.

Here are steps you can follow:

  1. Title

Compose a relevant title that will reveal the emphasis of your paper. You can choose to craft a title that declares a statement, describes, or questions the audience.

  1. Paper Citation

Here, you have to incorporate a proper citation and place it after the title. However, you must consider the required citation style for the paper.

  1. Article Identification

Next is to identify the type of article you are evaluating. Write down the title, the author’s name, journal title, and publication year.

It is imperative to include this data clearly in the introductory section of your review.

  1. Introduction

In this assignment, the format is vital since it determines the paper’s effectiveness. Thus, ensure you select a relevant outline that will result in proper thought organization.

Here is an overview of the outline:

  • Introduction
  • Summary of significant points
  • Factual information
  • Appraise the paper
  1. Summary

Summarize the entire article by rereading the significant points. You can include relevant findings and the author’s conclusive opinion.

  1. Critique

This is a critical section since you have to identify any gaps or contradictions in the article. Ensure you highlight the pros and cons of the journal and present your viewpoint. However, you have to support your assessment with factual data and theories.

  1. Conclusion

Finally, conclude your paper by summarizing the findings and your critique opinion on the subject matter. Is your analysis accurate, valid, and relevant? Mention the findings in this section and leave room for further research in the future.

Ultimately, it is imperative to check the article’s primary objective and define it in the appraisal. Identify factual research sources to prove your claim while incorporating critical discussions. After you complete the review, remember to thoroughly edit and proofread your appraised journal before submission.

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