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How to Conclude an Essay: Pro Advice from Top Writers

Each essay should consist of a conclusion. It is a part where you provide your final vision of the matter you discuss, restating your main ideas. It’s critical to reread a paper a few times, highlighting and noting the most crucial moments for a successful conclusion. Ensuring your essay body paragraph structure is sound will naturally lead to a more cohesive conclusion. Pay considerable attention to the statements in your introduction that should be completely coherent with the decisions in your final part.

To make your essay conclusion worthy of a high grade, you should summarize all the aspects you described and even mentioned in the text of your paper. For those looking to expand their skills, learning how to write a research paper can offer additional insights. However, the main deadlock that learners face is what is the difference between the summary and essay conclusion? Never attempt to equate these two terms if you aim to write a stellar final part consistent with all the criteria.

What Is the Conclusion of an Essay?

An essay conclusion is the final part of your article that sums up all your statements and provides a concise but thorough view of your issue. It should comprise the paraphrased thesis and hook. Your opening statement should shadow your conclusion, including further details and decisions on the topic.

An essay conclusion is not a summary of your paper. Instead, the conclusion is about analyzing your piece’s discussion and concluding your findings on the specific matter. For better understanding, you can divide your conclusion into three main parts.

  1. Thesis paraphrasing.
  2. Central points restating.
  3. Hook proving.

It’s a short plan to make things simpler while working on the essay conclusion. The main peculiarity of the paper’s final part is authentic but coherent content. Neglecting this rule may cause a risk of missing the article’s main message or losing the sense of your statements.

Someone may consider the essay conclusion the smallest part of the paper that doesn’t matter. However, approaching the essay conclusion as the formality of the paper structure is most learners’ mistake. Instead, don’t underestimate the value of the article’s final part.

Many professors check the quality of the essay, emphasizing the introduction and conclusion. If they find these parts coherent and meaningful, they decide the learner has done great work and spent much effort researching and discussing the issue. So, pieces with a stellar essay conclusion will likely obtain A+ grades.

How to Start a Conclusion in an Essay?

Your first step in handling a fascinating essay conclusion is to reread your opening statement and rewrite it providing more confidence. Your final part starter should be coherent with the thesis but written in other words. Focus on the below hints of how to make your essay conclusion stellar from the first words.

  • Use synonyms.
  • Stay on topic.
  • No other ideas than that are mentioned in the introduction.
  • Be even more certain in your position.
  • No run-around but exact wording.
  • Concise but thorough statements.

Your final paragraph should start with the paraphrased thesis. It’s the main idea of all your statements. For those still deciding on a topic, exploring argumentative essay topics can provide inspiration. Then, it should be an affirmative sentence with your particular position that you back in the issue discussed.

Don’t attempt to pile up a vast bulk of arguments in the first sentence of your essay conclusion. It would help if you were concise enough. It is sufficient to rewrite your thesis statement by adding more emotions and confidence in your point of view.

Your ideas should be clear and understandable. The first sentence of the essay conclusion should emphasize the main point of view that you stated in the introduction and developed in the main body. This statement is a calling card of the essay since it delivers the whole point of the work. It shows the value and the result of the discussion you provided in the paper.

How to Conclude an Essay Example

“Healthy lifestyle is the conscious choice of humanity. When you are keen on sports, your body is fit, and your muscular system is developing enough to provide us with sufficient energy. Sustainable food feeds your cells with nutrients and makes your skin, hair, and nails shine and be healthy. Relaxing in the fresh air lets your mind work faster and boosts your memory. Longevity opts for a healthy lifestyle.”

This essay conclusion example may seem too trivial to be worthy of an A+ grade. However, it’s crucial to stick to the proper structure which is the key to success. The above piece can become your effective template since a few sentences reveal the full sense of the essay conclusion and its message.

Often learners believe the stereotypes that the more philosophical and intellectual your essay’s final part is, the more chance you have to get an A+ grade. It doesn’t work with pieces with particular criteria for structure and content. Such papers have specific logic you should stick to. Otherwise, you can miss the main point. Attempt never to distort the essence of the essay conclusion.

How to Write a Concluding Paragraph for an Essay

Writing an essay conclusion isn’t as sophisticated as someone may believe. It’s sufficient to stick to the few basic rules, and your piece is bound to succeed. Let’s summarize the above tips in the short guide that will prove your effective magic wand while handling essays.

Step 1.

Reread your essay a few times and emphasize the most significant statements.

Step 2.

Rewrite the thesis highlighting the main idea of your essay. Put this point in one or two sentences.

Step 3.

Provide arguments mentioned in the main body in a few statements.

Step 4.

Restate a hook you wrote in the introduction and the form of a gentle call to action.

Step 5.

Reread the whole text, including the essay conclusion and check all the parts for coherence and uniqueness. The essay conclusion wording should be authentic, but the statements should be consistent.

If writing an essay conclusion is a tricky challenge for you, you can apply for help from skilled experts who have great experience in paper writing and can handle your essay conclusion facing no difficulty.

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