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How To Write A Comparative Essay

How To Write A Comparative Essay – A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

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But writing a comparative essay is never a burden. It can become a daunting task only if you regard it this way. In fact, there is nothing to worry about. With the right approach and a step-by-step guide, even a beginner can master an outstanding composition effortlessly. Or…

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We are here to tell you the greatest secrets of successful academic writing. A step-by-step guide on how to write a comparative essay from scratch, explained by an experienced author in plain language. Let’s start! So, how to write a compare and contrast essay?

Comparative Analysis Essay: Tips And Tricks To Do It Hands-Down

What is a comparative essay? The definition and the main purpose seems clear from the term itself. This assignment aims at contrast examination of the similarities and differences between the two subjects. The subjects for comparison analysis can be different based on your instructions: notions, things, events, literary works, theories, etc.

Ensure you understand clearly the fundamentals of your argument – it should be either driven from the topic or elaborated and introduced by you in the course of analysis. Then think of dissimilarities and common points of the subjects under discussion. Make a list and use it for further draft planning. Finally, examine your findings and decide whether conformities exceed non-conformities. Develop an essay statement grounded on the outcomes.

Proceed to work on a comparative essay structure. There are several approaches to arrange a comparative essay:

  • Contrastive analysis of the main points.

Split the differences and similarities into 2-5 sections (depending on their number). Compare them one after another in the body of your text. For example, if you have found three major mismatches between your subjects, examine them one-by-one.

  • Contrastive analysis of the main subjects.

Split the main part of the composition into two sections. Dedicate the first segment to describe the first subject. Consequently, make the second section about the second subject.

Now, you are good to start working on your assignment! But before you do, check helpful tips on writing an outline for a comparative essay thesis.

This Comparative Essay Outline Saves A Lot Of Trouble

Wonder how to start a comparative essay? Start by developing a detailed structure of your composition and the list of questions/purposes to fulfill. Without a well-thought outline, you risk making the writing process a true misery.

With any written assignment, it is advisory to begin with drafting an outline – a special agenda, designed to assist you in the process of writing. In other words, it is a roadmap of your academic project. Use it to put down the strategy of the essay, organize its main parts and paragraphs, arrange a smooth workflow of ideas and findings. Creating an outline is not mandatory. However, smart students who prefer a “do-it-yourself” approach always do a blueprint of the text beforehand.

A comparative essay outline has a few distinctive features you need to know of. First, the general structure consists of an introduction, essay statement, main body, and conclusion – just as in any other essay. Sometimes, the opening can include the statement – it depends on essay length and requirements. The body part is usually the most extensive one and consists of 5+ paragraphs. Remember you have two subjects to match. Each argument deserves proper attention and an individual paragraph. The final part of the essay should be dedicated to the key outcomes developed from the comparison.

Should you have any difficulties with comparative essay introduction, take a break and let it hang in there. Sounds like a waste of time? It will not be a waste of time if you go on writing the body part. Come back to writing the opening whenever you have enough ideas and useful discoveries for it.

Take a look at our free essay samples for an overview of a general outline and structure. Or leave your writing request right away and we will gladly take care of your comparative essay.

Top-10 Comparative Essay Topics – Choose The Best One For You

Looking for interesting comparative essay topics? There are hundreds and hundreds of inspiring essay ideas to contrast and investigate. Depending on your discipline, they may cover historical events, philosophical disputes, questions on religion, medical issues, and so on. It is impossible to list all the exciting topics across all subjects, so we chose the top-10 general cases for research.

If your teacher left you with no specific subject matter for analysis, use the following themes to write a brilliant comparative essay:

  • What is better: reading a book first or watching a film adaptation.
  • Doing the homework yourself or trusting it to qualified professionals – what smart students prefer.
  • Marvel vs DC: which cinematic universe is better and why.
  • Living in a big city or staying at a country residence.
  • Printed publications or digital sources: what last longer?
  • Orthodox Christianity vs Roman Catholicism: basic differences and similarities.
  • Renewable sources: how to choose between solar and wind energy.
  • Remote online learning or in-house classes – future perspectives.
  • IELTS vs TOEFL: which one to take?
  • Full-time job or freelance projects: the future of the global employment market.

You can always come up with a topic on your own. Think of people, notions or events that interest you the most and find a perfect match for a thorough comparison. For example, you study history and admire Benjamin Franklin. Think of a strong competitor among other US presidents and compare the political heritage left by these historical figures from various perspectives.

Once done, you will have an astounding topic with the already stated purpose and exact subjects for comparative analysis essay. You can choose any other personalities or events for comparison – be creative and don’t fear trying out comprehensive themes.

For information purposes, download a comparative essay example pdf, written by our expert. See other free samples, gain inspiration and set down to work.

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