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Public Transportation Essay for School and College Students

Transportation Essay for School and CollegeIn the current scenario, the world is facing the biggest challenges in the shape of global warming and atmospheric pollution. Both these factors are contributing to climate change that has a negative impact on the global climate. After the research of several decades, now it has been proved that all such happenings are due to the emission of greenhouse gases, which are primarily caused by the excessive use of personal transportation.

Big cities have started feelings about the negative impacts of greenhouse gases in different forms. Meteorologists, climate experts, and researchers are highlighting that the best option to reverse the trend is to adopt public transportation in place of personal cars. The public transportation includes various modes of transport like bus, train, light rail, tram, and metro systems. Due to the significance of this issue, writing a public transportation essay has been becoming a regular feature in many academic institutes.

Essay on Bus Transportation

If you are a student at a high school or college level, then you can never avoid your writing assignment. Go through the following list of advantages and disadvantages. It will enable you to write a good essay on bus transportation in the end. A few salient benefits of bus transportation are listed below:

  • Less Stress

This is the leading benefit of bus transportation. While driving personal transport, you feel more pressure in terms of safety, time, and cost; however, while traveling on a bus, you are free of many stressful factors. Thus, include the stress factor in your transportation essay introduction right in the beginning.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Valuable money can be saved by opting for buses as a mode of travel. In case you use a personal car for transportation, you have to pay lots of amounts related to fuel, maintenance, and parking expenditures.

  • Enjoy Your Journey

While using the bus as transportation, you are absolutely free to enjoy your journey. You no need to drive, rather put your head on the back of the seat to have rest, read any interesting book, or watching the beautiful passing scenes. Even you may interact with other passengers, make new friends, and learn from their experiences. Not but not the least, open up your mobile and enjoy any movie or social media chat with your dear ones.

  • Less Pollution

A bus is more environmental-friendly mode of transportation. If everybody opts to use personal cars for transportation, of course, it will create huge amount of pollution in the atmosphere, resulting in global warming and climate change. However, buses can handle a mass at a time, causing less use of individual vehicles and thus contributes to less emission of pollutant particles in the atmosphere.

Every picture, event, or technology has two faces. same here with bus transportation too. If your tutor asks you to write an essay about the transportation problem with respect to its negative impacts on society, no need to worry. The following guideline will help you to understand the disadvantages of bus transportation in this era.

  • Over Crowded Traveling

On certain occasions, you may find additional passengers are onboard on the bus you are traveling. This over-crowded scenario may create anxiety, tension, and stress in you. if you are short-tempered, then this situation may turn you hyper, causing high blood pressure in you.

  • Wastage of Time and Effort

On your personal transport, you are your own boss, but in case of a public bus, you have to compromise on schedule. Sometimes, you have to wait for long hours for a particular route or destination.

  • Discomfort Feeling

While traveling on the bus, you cannot choose a suitable route for yourself. Moreover, you cannot stop the bus with your own will. You are totally dependent on the bus schedule and route.

  • Uncertainty of Time

One of the shortcomings of bus transportation is time uncertainty. Sometimes the buses get late in timely departure and arrival at some particular destination. Thus, the element of uncertainty is always there.

What Are the Major Benefits of Public Transportation Essay?

If you make a list of large industries in the world, of course, transportation will be one of the most important ones. It is actually the movement of products as well as people from one place to another, and this is why its supply chain is heavily influenced by time consumption, money, and human involvement. No logistic support can be completed without appropriate support of transportation as it connects all segments of supply chain management.

Public Transportation Mitigates Air Pollution

The emission of air pollutants per person in the atmosphere is too less by a public bus as compared to a car driven by a single head. On average, per passenger, a bus emits 10% fewer hydrocarbons, 20% less carbon monoxide, and 75% less nitrogen oxide in the air.

Better Fuel Consumption

As far as fuel consumption per passenger mile is concerned, public transportation is far better than an individual vehicle because it uses quite less amount of fuel. According to the American Public Transportation Association, each year, public transportation saves around 4.2 billion gallons in use of gasoline only.

Improves Traffic Management

Public transportation is inherently helpful in taking goods and passengers in bulk from one destination to another. Thus, it contributes less use of vehicles and eventually strengthens the overall traffic management by reducing traffic congestion.

Reduction in Financial Cost

The use of public transportation creates a positive impact on the economy of an individual as well as at the national front. You may save thousands of dollars individually, and the nation can save millions of dollars annually by promoting the culture of using public transports. See, you will be able to valuable money that could have been used in fuel, parking, maintenance, and other relevant expenditures of your automobiles.

Best Alternative of Personal Transport

Of course, if you can’t drive or don’t have personal transport, then public transportation is the only choice for you to go shopping, market, picnic, visit friends, or hospital.

Public Transportation is Much Safer

Transportation is becoming a sensitive issue day by day in the entire world. Thus, in order to address the matter at the grassroot level, students are often asked to write the benefits of public transportation essay during their academic careers. Traveling using public transportation is much safer than driving personally, particularly when you travel by train or bus.

Statistics indicate that the accident ratio is quite low with trains or buses while the mishap rate is far high with personal cars. The major reason is training. The train and bus operators are better trained than individuals. Moreover, they are also regularly detailed for refresher courses. The fatality rate and crime rate are also lower with public transportation than using individual automobiles.

It Promotes Healthy Environment

A number of social activities are closely linked with public transportation. At many picnic spots and places, you avoid taking your personal transport. Moreover, the people who use public transportation have more energy to participate in sports, walk, or leisure activities than those who drive personally.

Mitigating Global Warming

The use of public transportation is highly beneficial to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, resulting in global warming.

While writing your transportation paper, you must discuss both sides of the pictures. Besides hundreds of benefits, it is good to highlight certain grey areas in your essay about transportation problem. When you complete your writing assignment, summarize the salient benefits in your transportation essay conclusion and recommend some critical steps to the readers as well.

Best Topics for Essay on Transportation

If you have to write an essay on transportation but feeling confusions in finding a good idea, then the following topics will be really helpful for you. Read the topics and choose the one that suits best for you.

  • How Does transportation contribute to a country’s economy?
  • How to manage a public transport system in big cities?
  • The industrial revolution has a critical role in current transport dependent societies.
  • How American and British driving styles to confuse the people of other cultures.
  • What could be the next-generation transportation modes?
  • Impacts of traffic management system on human behavior.
  • Water transportation: how it contributes to the city’s connectivity?
  • How to write an essay on air transportation?
  • Public transportation is safer than individual transport.
  • The significance of psychological factors in traveling by air and train.
  • Communication is the backbone of air transportation.
  • Weather hazards for air and ground transportation.

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