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Check the Example of a Definition Essay and Write Better

Before you read more useful information, we recommend that you first read a small definition essay example: What is courage?

“Constantly, everyone experiences fear, in one area or another, at one time or another—sensation of slight jitters to a phobia that stops the heart. Do not forget that to be brave, real fears are required. Otherwise, there is no way. Courage only works when paired with anxiety.

Courage is what you have in your head, so to speak, the way of thinking that a person can adopt when faced with some kind of danger. Your problem can be dangerous, like fighting or seconds before an accident. It is common for every person to perceive difficult, even the most harmless situation, for example, a dialogue with someone who sympathizes with him. Courage is about facing fear and accepting it instead of running away.

Examples of courage can always be found in any community. Police or fire department, look no further. These guys already have all the qualities that can be called courage. The guys in these services save the lives of others every day, even at their own cost. On the other hand, students show courage when they find the strength to confront a bully or speak in front of an entire audience. Every time you work through fears, it’s only preparation for heroism.

The concept of “Fearlessness” may be but is not a true synonym for the word courage. Fearlessness is often stupidity and leads to accidents. Heroes who risk themselves to help others show their courage. The absolute synonym for bravery can be courage. Despite the threat, doing the right thing requires great strength of character and resilience, which can also be synonymous with bravery.

This is a lie if someone speaks of courage while saying he is not afraid of anything. Courage cannot be achieved without experiencing fear firsthand. No matter what the situation, difficult or not, dangerous or safe, courage gives a person the opportunity to work in parallel with his anxiety and not run away from it. When you see a real hero, understand that he is more scared than you, but that gives him the strength to be braver.”

Essay Definition: What Is It, and Why Is It Needed?

When you get to the point where you need to choose a topic, it’s essential to find something interesting. The case should grab the reader’s attention. If you manage to make the issue memorable and the reader does not think about daily thoughts about your topic, you will succeed. We have made several groups in specific categories. You can choose any of them. Additionally, seeking inspiration from descriptive essay examples can offer valuable insights into selecting a captivating topic.

Definition of love

One standard definition of an essay is love. Confession of feelings, the usual conversation about love, the definition of terminal love, and challenging tasks. Despite the extreme complexity of the issue, the theme of love is trendy. That is why we advise you to look at the topics we offer.

  • From love to hate, one step.
  • Is it possible to determine the universal meaning of love?
  • Love or other emotions. What is stronger?
  • Sisterly love.
  • Compare love and passion.

Definition of happiness

Every person wants and feels happy. No matter at what moment, it is a powerful emotion that gives meaning to life. Such a topic for an essay with a definition is a good choice since everyone is familiar with this term.

  • Knowledge about happiness using personal experience.
  • Money does not create happiness.
  • What does it take to find happiness?
  • What is the opposite term for happiness?

Definition of freedom

Freedom is what everyone yearns for. This term has a lot of guises, for example, freedom of speech, choice, and free will. By choosing this topic, you will have the opportunity to argue with yourself. You will be able to discuss how important freedom is and whether it is needed in a particular society. Every person seeks release and knows what he longs for when he gets it, so this topic is also a good one to choose from.

  • Freedom for the poor or slavery in comfort?
  • Freedom for prisoners.
  • How do we achieve independence while in slavery?
  • Why shouldn’t everyone be free?
  • What did the Civil War for freedom give?

Extended Essay Definitions

Where a broad definition is used, you need to use only words with a general meaning to discuss. Do not use words with one interpretation. This topic makes it possible to argue immediately with many fantasies and ideas.

  • What do parents do to keep the family healthy?
  • Traits that define a person’s courage;
  • Evidence that the police do not respect the rights of citizens;
  • Factors that define an atheist;

Definition of Information Technology

In our time, technology does not stand still, and new opportunities and programs appear every day. We will provide some topics that will be useful for those who like to discuss innovation. Also, such issues will interest those who discuss the future.

  • What language will the programs be in today?
  • What are the World Wide Web and its further development;
  • How do operating systems change?
  • How does online learning affect knowledge and health?
  • Artificial intelligence and consequences of global importance;
  • Future systems for home use;

We have shown only a small number of popular definition essay topics with definitions and questions that can often come up in tests or assignments at the university. Your task is only to decide on the subject that suits you the most.

What Is the Definition of an Essay

A definition essay is a work designed to write the formal meaning of a single word. Remember that this is precisely the same essay, which means you must choose a complex term that can be described in a few words.

This task was created to describe specifically complex terms with a significant background and a reasonably historical origin. The word “Friendship” is a perfect example of a tour to take. Such a concept is quite difficult to describe in a nutshell. So we have a considerable margin and opportunity to write a whole definition essay about this word with a definition that more accurately gives an idea of it.

How to Write a Definition Essay

Here is a brief instruction on how to write an essay with a definition:

  • Find the correct term.

Avoid words that have a specific, fixed meaning when choosing a topic. Such comments will take up a lot of space for you to write. If your word has an abstract meaning, you have a considerable supply that may never run out. This step essentially involves defining key terms that will be central to your essay’s exploration.

  • Multidimensional word.

This is a word that will mean different things to different people. For example, the word “Friendship” evokes other emotions and thoughts in everyone. A definition essay can be very subjective because it allows the writer to describe their interpretation of the word. But, avoid the meaning of the word that everyone else thinks. This can only confirm the readers’ knowledge and will not give new definitions and arguments.

  • Choose familiar words.

If you start writing a definition essay about a word you saw for the first time, you will fail in 90 percent of cases. This is extremely difficult. It is best to have a personal experience with this word so that you understand the meaning and have knowledge of this term. Choose only the words you are familiar with. This will allow you to delve into the issue and show the reader that you know the topic and can be trusted as an author.

  • Add backstory.

Be sure to tell the reader the background and etymology of your term, which will play a massive role in the use of the word at present. The assignment should be studied, no matter where, whether in dictionaries or online libraries.

H2: How to Write a Definition in an Essay

There are many types of essays, and we will talk about those most often used in reports. If you find a topic with an exciting backstory and can’t figure it out? Read what you can do with it. A few key type definitions:

  • Analysis: Define each item separately. The easiest way is to break it into parts.
  • Classify: To which class does the problem fit best?
  • Compare: Very unusual things you come across can be determined by comparing their appearance with the appearance of ordinary things.
  • Detail: Key points and features that describe the overall idea of the article;
  • Negative: Describe what the item is not exactly. This will narrow the circle of understanding what it is.
  • Reasons: History of your idea, what is the origin, and is there any information?
  • Result: Consequence of using the item.


We know that it is often difficult to find a word or term that you know about and that your work will interest readers. This problem is a standard for all college and university students. Our service will help you solve any problem, and our essay writers will surely surprise you with their skills and knowledge.

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