Defining Key Terms

Key Terms Definition Explained By An Experienced Writer

Misinterpretation, has, for the most part, been the cause of students failing most of their writing assignments as they have a different understanding of some of the words used in the English language. A solution to this problem was formulated to incorporate the use of critical terms within student papers. “What are key terms?” you might ask. A key phrase or word is a memorable or commonly used phrase that is used within the title, content, abstract or any other parts of a paper to ensure that it is focused, i.e., informing the reader of the central theme of the paper.

Therefore, by defining key terms and provide the reader with the intended meaning of the terms and words that are essential to your assignment early on during the research process. Besides, you show that you broadly understand what you are writing about as well as avoid any misunderstandings that may arise. For instance, you might want to write about power from a feminist point of view but your teacher understands it in a Marxist way. Thus, your reader can assess your understanding of some of the terms early.

Therefore, regardless of the difference in opinion, your reader will be able to understand your point of view. However, during the process of key terms definition, you have to consider the requirements of the assignment as they provide the key concepts of the paper. As such, if you do not consider these concepts, you will not be adhering to the requirements of the assignment. Understandably, also neglecting to define these key phrases and terms could lead to so much misunderstanding as most of these words are likely to convey a different meaning other than the one you intended.

What Are Key Terms And How To Define Them

It is common practice that a competent writer would alter their writing styles to cater to the needs of the reader concerning the knowledge they have on the subject. However, you should always try to predict the expectations of the reader, their level of education and what reactions to expect from the reader after interacting with the document. The best way to achieve this is through keypoint definition, whereby both you and your teacher will be on the same page.

Thus, when you start writing the definition for your key phrases, using a common-sense description will not cut it; instead you should use the definition from an expert. Also, you should ensure that the definition you use for your assignment is suitable for your requirements; for instance, the description of power in a political setting would not be the same as the physics definition. Therefore, it is worth to spend a little more time defining the key phrases and terms as this section significantly impacts the remainder of your paper. However, despite its significance, this section should not be too long, as you need the bulk of your paper to focus on your central theme.

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