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December 27th, 2009

What could be a good research paper topic? Think!

Think hard and a good research paper topic will certainly come your way!

Can you imagine what could be a good research paper topic? In my opinion, this is certainly not something that you have to break your head over. You could decide to do a bit of research of some issue that is of importance to you as a student. This is because, research is a part of your student life and you need to know how to do some work that can help you find out more and more about a topic. If you were to do some kind of investigative work on the origin of words, you would be called a researcher who was working on the subject of semantics. This refers to the study of words, their meanings and their usages. It is a very interesting subject and you could do a lot of reading on the subject before you decide to write your dissertation. Of course, this thesis or dissertation as it is called, would have to be based on the reading and studying that you have done on the subject that you are researching.
Since we are talking about the subject of semantics, it would be relevant for you to understand the kind of research paper writing that you would have to do, if you were to work on a subject like this. You would have to go into other fields that are also associated with the subject of semantics. For instance, etymology is one such field. This is also regarding the study of words. For heaven sake, do not confuse it with entomology – this is the study of insects and has nothing to do with words! Once you decide to work on semantics, you could also move into phonetics an language structure. All these are allied fields and are closely related to the subject of semantics. You will surely be happy that you have chosen this as a good research paper topic on which you can write your thesis.
The format of your thesis should be one that is approved by your guide or mentor or the professor who is in your department of English Language and Literature. He will be able to tell you how to go about the thesis and also tell you all that you should not do while writing the thesis. One of the main things that he is going to talk about would be the importance of original work. Since, you are doing something that involves a lot of research into the works of other authors who have worked on the same subject, you might be tempted to copy from their works indiscriminately. This is not good and could get you into a very bad soup. Therefore, do not even think of copying anything, however good it may seem to you. Look for a good research paper topic and begin working on it. You will not be sorry that you have to work so hard to complete your work. It will be highly commended.

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