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Hints on Critical Essay Writing

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Traditionally, critical essay begins with the analysis of the reading which includes a summary of the author’s point of view and an evaluation of the author’s work. The former is comprised of the following points: a brief statement of the main idea, an outline of the important facts used by the author to support the main idea, a summary of the author’s implied values, and a presentation of the author’s suggestions for action or conclusions.

The evaluation of the author’s work consists of:

  1. an assessment of the facts indicated on the basis of relevance and correctness;
  2. an evaluation of judgment of logical consistency of the argument;
  3. an appraisal of the author’s values.

While working on your paper consider the following:

  • paper is an informative piece of writing, which means it emphasizes the work studied rather than opinions and feelings of the writer;
  • criticism doesn’t imply that you have to attack the author or his work; instead, you should assess his written work be it a book or an article;
  • paper must employ an objective and serious tone;
  • be specific concerning the points you’re making about the play, novel or poem;
  • support your claim with a strong evidence. The best option is to use evidence from text. Alternatively, you may rely on criticism: what other experts have claimed about the work you’re examining;
  • make sure your discussion is well organized. Every section should support the main idea, logically follow, and lead into sections coming before and after it. Sentences must be logically connected with each other;
  • if you use quotations, be sure you follow an appropriate citation format.

Critical essay is evidently a very challenging assignment. Although, if composed by our professional writers, it will be impressive, efficient, and will preserve its unique touch.

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