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How to write A+ 5 paragraph essay

An essay is a prose statement of a small volume and a free composition that expresses individual impressions and thoughts on a specific subject or question and does not pretend to be an exhaustive answer.

In choosing the topic of the five paragraph essay, one can be subjective, focus on the partial, not on the main, express controversial opinions, citing a minimum of evidence. On the other hand, it can be dangerous to write everything you want. It is not a fact that your work will be original and interesting.

Before choosing an essay topic, think and make sure you have something to say about it.

What Is A 5 Paragraph Essay?

Essays are written by everyone: schoolchildren, students, researchers, etc. It is used to test knowledge and for creative competition. Short essays help to understand the creative abilities of the authors and their ability to substantiate the thesis logically.

Today, there are no clear rules for writing an essay that would prescribe its scope and structure. It all depends on the purpose and subject of the essay. However, there are key requirements for essay writing that every writer should follow.

What Does The Writing Of An Essay Begin With?

First, there was a thesis. Yes, not a first word, but a thesis/idea/problem/topic. Call it whatever you want. The main thing is to remember that the first step in doing an essay is to find a topic and a question around which the argument will be focused.

The topic should be:

  • Relevant.
  • Interesting.
  • Specific (one essay – one open question).

Writing an essay is quite an interesting and creative process. Choose a topic that interests you. Or you can purchase an essay from an experienced author who writes well and does not go beyond the topic’s borders. After all, only an interesting topic continues to motivate even when the research reaches a dead end (and this can also happen).

Where To Find Material For A Topic?

Before starting to write an essay, you should collect all the material on the topic. The fastest type of search is surfing the Internet. Of course, samples written and rewritten a hundred times are not the best source. However, with a little effort, you can find useful tutorials, research, and articles about your topic.

Also, don’t neglect libraries – dozens of treasures for inspiration are hidden there. Some library publications, which may not be on the Internet, will help to argue the point.

And, of course, look for material in your head. Use everything you know: historical events, biographies of famous figures, quotes, etc. All this can become a convincing argument for your position.

General Requirements For Writing An Essay

Correct writing of the text demonstrates the author’s attentiveness and helps to perceive information more easily. The main requirements for writing an essay:

  • Concise presentation of the material. The essay should be argumentative and persuasive. All arguments are confirmed and verified.
  • Originality. When writing an essay, using other people’s works, their complete or partial copying is strictly prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to use slang or profanity, expressions that promote enmity, bad habits or violence in the texts.

Essays must contain the author’s analysis of the problem and the author’s subjective position (in general, when writing an essay, the main thing is to reveal both the problem and the author’s personality and worldview).

The essay should consist of the following parts:

  • Introduction (description of the thesis).
  • Arguments or the main part (confirmation or refutation of the thesis with the help of quotes, examples from life, historical events, laws and acts).
  • Conclusion (the author’s final position on a specific issue).

Follow these rules, and you will write an A+ essay.

First Five Paragraph Essay Example

Why does the principle – one job for a lifetime no longer work?

Many people are accustomed to and expect to work at the same job all their lives. However, in today’s world, this approach is no longer acceptable. Why is this happening, and what to do about it?

Today, approaches to employment are changing, and workers cannot rely on the fact that they will have the same job all their lives. What could be the possible reasons for this phenomenon?

Reasons why people can’t have the same job all their lives:

  • A variety of offers on the labor market leads employees to change jobs in search of better conditions and diversify their fields.
  • The nature of work itself is changing in many areas due to the influence of technology – some work may disappear, and new ones may appear.

Ways to plan a professional future in such conditions:

  1. People must be ready to learn and relearn throughout life because technological progress constantly affects many professions.
  2. A person needs to develop communication skills to be competitive in the labor market and adapt to a new environment – for example, if a new job involves moving to another city or country.

The freedom of movement of a worker from one employer to another has become a common trend of our century, and therefore a person does not have to hope for uninterrupted work throughout one’s life. However, to do this, a person needs to be in a constant process of self-improvement, both professional and personal.

Second Five-paragraph Essay Example

What can be done about the global problem of ecology?

Few can argue with the fact that the increasing power of the industry is adversely affecting the environment. This trend is directly related to population growth and the ever-increasing demand for goods. However, not everything is so hopeless, and there are ways to correct this situation.

Every year the ecological situation in the world becomes tenser. Nature suffers from a large amount of garbage and toxic emissions from factories. At the same time, the number of factories continues to grow.

The growth of industry and the number of factories is because the planet’s population is growing and every year requires more and more goods and amenities. But the other side of the coin is significant air, soil and water pollution from toxic waste and fuel. So there is a big moral dilemma about finding a balance between the number of factories and ecology.

The solution to this problem is seen as follows:

  • Governments and businesses should increase investment in advanced technologies that are more environmentally friendly.
  • Heavy dependence on fossil fuels must be abandoned. It should be replaced by alternative energy sources like solar or wind.
  • Recycling will significantly reduce the amount of garbage and waste worldwide. It will also help to educate consumers about respect for nature.

Considering all the factors influencing the growing production of consumer goods, the following conclusion can be drawn. Only when society and the government stake the development of green production technologies and recycling can the environment be at least relatively safe.

Bonus How To Write A 5 Paragraph Essay Example

What are the benefits and harms of video games for adults?

Computer games are part of the modern world. People of all ages play them. Many experts believe that video games provide big pluses, especially for adults. However, sometimes the disadvantages of computer video games outweigh the benefits. To explore this topic thoroughly, you might consider using a 5 body paragraph essay to balance both the pros and cons effectively.

To deny that computer games are good for adults is a hard task. For some, this is good development of problem-solving thinking skills. Also, the skills found in computer games can later be discovered in real life.

Also, video games make it possible to establish additional links with other users. Often such ties can be redistributed into strong friendships due to common interests. In addition, video games are great stress relievers to refocus and take a break from your daily routine.

About emissions of video games is also impossible. Often, video games significantly reduce real-life communication. As a result, the person becomes a shy introvert. In addition, video games affect health in the form of eye strain. Also, gamers tend to have unhealthy and irregular diets and a sedentary lifestyle. For an adult, video games can be a serious problem, causing neglect of work and family responsibilities.

It is important to understand both sides of video games. The main advantage is the opportunity to develop skills; the minus is an unhealthy lifestyle.

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