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How to Write an Expository Essay in 2024

Before starting our guide on how you should write an expository essay, let’s take a closer look at the definition of this type of essay. An expository essay is a type of academic writing in which you need to create your vision based on the idea, subject, or even someone.

So as you already have guessed, an expository essay is a way of evaluating some problems. It can be anything, but the main thing you need to keep in mind is that it must be your vision of the problem, not someone else’s. You need to always keep in mind that your expository essay will be good only when you will learn how to connect cause and effect with your writing skill.

Expository Essay Topics: How to Choose the Subject of Discussion?

To succeed in writing an expository essay, you must be responsible for choosing a topic. Let’s be honest and admit that most students barely care when they’re choosing a topic for their future expository paper. Considering several people who chose the first topic on the Internet search, you should stop doing that. The point is that your whole writing process depends on it. Be sure that if you choose the right theme, your whole writing will go like a hot knife through the butter. And to make this process a lot easier, we’ve collected some interesting topics you can use in your research.

So, here they are:

  •     Why is leadership a great responsibility?
  •     Your opinion on leadership and its role in the community.
  •     Explain the importance of society in the life of humanity.
  •     Your point of view on why children inherit their parents.
  •     Explain your opinion on why people have idols.
  •     Psychological reasons for bad habits.
  •     Explain your view on working as a teenager.
  •     Explain why pocket money is important in teenage.
  •     Why the vocation is greater than a usual job.
  •     Explain why happiness is different for every person.

Here are only some topics that can be used to prepare for your expository essay. We assure you that there are way more of them. You only need to give freedom to your imagination and choose a topic that will be close to your experience.

How to Start Expository Essay?

Probably the most difficult stage of writing is when you stare at some random piece of paper and have no idea what you should write about. However, that’s why the introduction is also one of the main important parts. The introduction will make the tone of your expository essay. That’s why you need to write it so that your reader will fall in love with your expository essay after reading the first sentence.

We understand that it may sound impossible, especially when you do not have too much experience in writing this type of paper. That’s why we’ve collected some pieces of advice that might help you to start your expository essay.

Start the Brainstorming

To create a good introduction for an essay, you must spend some time on it. That’s why brainstorming is a perfect idea for this matter. Just grab a pen and paper, and write everything that comes to your mind. Then, highlight the main points that may be used as ideas for the body part. Be sure that everything you write will be useful to you in your following writing.

Choose the Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement is like a basis on which you will build your expository essay. Without a thesis, your paper will be just a set of sentences that do not make sense. You need to highlight the leading idea representing your whole topic. Your thesis should not be too long or too complex. To represent your vision of the discussed problem, it must be short and informative. And remember that the facts and other ideas you will represent should represent the thesis you mentioned at the beginning of your essay.

Make a Draft

After you finish your brainstorming and have chosen your essay’s thesis statement, you can start writing the draft. This stage is essential in writing the introduction of your expository essay. Do not think this will be fast. Prepare yourself that it can take hours before you receive the introduction you will like. You may even create dozens of drafts to receive the one that will be perfect.

But to make it easier for you, do not think about your essay as a boring task. Instead, make yourself feel like it’s some interesting personal project you want to share with the world.

How to Choose an Expository Essay Format?

The expository essay format is another important point you should draw your attention to. The format is necessary to make your expository essay suit all the requirements. That’s why you should not forget that the expository essay is not only a creative work but also academic writing with strict requirements. And if you will use it in free form, you should not expect the highest mark for your paper.

To avoid such a fate, you should use one of the expository essay formats. We’ll provide some that may be suitable for your expository essay.

  •     MLA. That is probably the most common and well-known expository essay format currently. The point is that you will not meet tons of requirements for this type of paper. You will have to follow the basic structure of a typical essay. More importantly, you will not even have to create a title. For sure, this format will suit your expository essay.
  •     APA. This format will be similar to the MLA. The only difference is that it will not be as easy to follow as the MLA. The point is that the APA format has more requirements, and it’s usually used in research papers for some exact sciences, such as economics. But, it’s also used in other subjects so that you can use it in your paper.

Writing Expository Essay: Five Essential Elements

We’re nearing the completion of our article about expository essays. In this section, we’d like to summarize all the above. However, we also decided to provide you with essential elements without which your expository essay will not be completed. These five elements are meant to be a foundation on which you will base your expository essay.

Nevertheless, let’s not take too long and find the components to make your expository essay.

  •     Brainstorming. Brainstorming is a key component of creating a successful expository essay. It will help you come up with a few ideas that will become your expository paper’s thesis statement. But do not think it will help you create only a thesis. With the help of it, you will create a tone and structure.
  •     Thesis statement. The thesis is the main idea of your whole research. It’s crucial to make your thesis logical and short. Also, it should not represent more than one idea because it will confuse your readers. Instead of creating a long and difficult thesis, try to make it as short and simple as possible.
  •     Facts and evidence. These are the points that will represent the logical basis of your research. You can not provide your point of view only based on your own experience. Instead of this, you need to confirm all your utterances with solid and verified facts.
  •     Transition. This is a stage when your expository essay will go after the body to the conclusion. You can imagine it as a special buffer zone. Imagine it as a continuation of the body and the beginning of the conclusion.
  •     Conclusion. In the conclusion of your expository paper, you will need to summarize your whole research. Remind your readers of your thesis, write some main ideas of your expository essay and provide the readers with a logical and short conclusion.


What is an example of an expository essay?

A perfect example of an expository essay contains all the parts of the usual expository essay. But according to that, it will explain reasons and evaluate events or subjects according to the writer’s vision.

What makes an essay expository?

Evaluation makes the essay expository. The key moment of this type of essay is that you need to provide your evaluation of the described events. Remembering objectives when writing research for your discussion topic is also necessary.

What are the five elements of expository writing?

Our review has indicated five main elements of the expository essay. Here is the list of these elements: brainstorming, thesis statement, facts & evidence, transition, and conclusion.

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