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How To Write A Problem Statement

What Is A Problem Statement – Explained In Simple Words By A Pro Writer

A problem statement, by definition, is a clear description of an issue that needs to be addressed. This statement provides the reader with the overall them of the entire paper with regard to the problems identified and how the writer intends to overcome them. Besides, it could be referred to as the research problem or statement of the problem, which is used to formulate the research questions.

As a student, there are quite a number of situations that may require you to learn about problem statement definition, especially for college assignments where you will be expected to conduct research on various subjects. You are likely already familiar with research methods such as basic and applied research methods that are used to carry out an investigation into a particular issue or applying already existing information to solve problems and develop new techniques respectively.

First and foremost, with any research-oriented assignment, you should make sure that you have a clear idea of which questions you intend to answer. These questions are derived from the research problem ensuring that you understand the significance of the assignment. Therefore, having understood what is a problem statement, the next step is identifying where it needs to be added to your paper.

Most of the time, it is presented in just a few sentences, but it can also span a couple of paragraphs depending on the length of the paper you are required to deliver. Understandably you might have great content for your assignment, but without a proper statement of the problem, you are likely to lose out on some points. Therefore, to be sure that your paper is complete and has a likely research problem, you should place your trust in us to deliver a well-researched, structures and correctly formats paper that is guaranteed to garner you a good grade.

How To Write A Problem Statement – 5 Tips That Will Save Your Time And Nerves

Simply put, adding a research problem to your assignment is a way of transforming an issue that has been bothering you into a well-defined and targeted problem that can be addressed through research. As such, you will need a problem statement template to help you. Here are 5 tips you can pick up from our research problem template:

  • Plan ahead.

To define a statement of the problem, you first need to identify a problem then decide on the way to solve said problem.

  • Describe the problem.

Provide enough information about the problem and the reasons why it should be solved. Also, you can provide some information on related issues.

  • Identify a suitable methodology.

You should choose a method that is best suited to the type of research you intend to carry out.  This is essential as it will outline the steps you should take to solve the problem.

  • Apply the ‘five-W’ format of writing.

The 5 W’s refer to what when, who, why, where that symbolize the questions that need to be answered when writing the paper. A good example is, who do these issues affect? Why is it necessary to solve these problems? Where are these problems experienced the most? Etc.

  • Proofread and edit the statement of the problem.

This should go without saying for any writing assignment. However, for the research problem, you have to make sure that it is in line with the entire paper by first completing the task then aligning your research problem to the rest of the document.

These are the tips that our experts have developed for your benefit, most of which have proved useful even for seasoned writers in various academic fields. You too can benefit from these tips as they are straightforward. However, if the task is too challenging for you, you can always place an order for a paper complete with the research problem.

Use This Problem Statement Template To Ease The Writing Process

When focusing on a specific problem, ensure that you have comprehensively defined it within hour paper. However, you should avoid including more than one problem within your assignment. This is often the first mistake you are likely to make when learning how to write a problem statement. As such, we have come up with a template that clearly identifies three critical elements within a research problem. These elements include:

  • Clear definition of the issue with enough supporting evidence.
  • Identify the method you intend to use when solving the problem.
  • Explain the scope, intention, and objectives of the paper.

These elements depict the basic structure of a research problem and can be used as a template for your next assignment. However, you should always remember that they are meant to be brief and to the point, ensuring that the reader does not get bored.

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Don’t Hold Back: How To Get A Perfect Problem Statement

In the long run, you will realize that hiring a professional writer in your area of study is the best option when writing a problem statement within your paper is a requirement. As such, you should ensure that you have settled for a reliable and affordable writing service such as ours before deciding to pay for an order.  Besides, you can request for an example problem statement from any of our writers to ascertain their capacity to deliver a top-notch paper within the required constraints.

Considering that a significant percentage of your final grade is dependent on the grades earned for your writing assignments, you should not hesitate when you need to ask a question or need some clarification from the customer support staff.  We are here to offer our services to help overcome some of the changes you are facing with writing assignments. Therefore, don’t hold back when you need our assistance with any writing task. Just visit our website and place an order today.

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