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Essay Body Paragraphs

Learn to Cover the Essay Body Paragraphs

Obviously, the function of each body paragraph lies in supporting your thesis statement with the strong additional points. Therefore, it is vital for you to provide enough arguments to make your research paper persuasive and believable enough for your examiner and your target reader, as these people have a direct influence on your final grade. In actual fact, there are two major issues to remember about the essay body paragraphs writing. First of all, each paragraph has to include a coherent topic sentence, which must be necessarily connected with the thesis. Secondly, a topic sentence should be followed by the supporting details that have to develop it with the help of examples or some other data. Admittedly, the purpose of each topic sentence is to communicate the main idea of the whole essay body paragraph.

Exhaustive details

As far as the topic sentence of your essay body paragraph is more general and is not able to provide the reader with the needed information, you have to confirm it with much stronger facts. The thing is that your audience is not likely to automatically accept all arguments. From this very reason, you have to sound convincing and informative in your piece of writing. However, make sure that all highlighted details correspond to the subject of your discussion. In addition, the details tend to incorporate predominantly the evidences, explanations and examples. It is also worth pointing out that these evidences include various research data, statistics, publish case studies and general factual information.

Principle of coherence

If you are dealing with any type of writing assignment, you should remember that coherence is a vitally essential factor for essay body paragraphs. For sure, if you maintain this principle, all the ideas in the essay are likely to flow from one paragraph to another being logically connected. Remarkably, the following steps can help you follow this golden rule.

  • You are imperative to use wide range of transitional phrases that are always responsible for coherence. Logically, body paragraphs cannot exist in isolation. Thanks to these transitions, they fit into the structure like a puzzle.
  • Try to use the repetitions, as this device will assist to reach consistency in your writing style.
  • Do not forget to implement many synonyms. Actually, this means that you should employ the synonymic phrases to the keywords of your essay.

To sum up, your academic triumph depends in most cases on the quality of your essay body paragraphs, as you are unlikely to maintain your reader’s attention till the end of your paper in case your body section is uninteresting, loose and incomprehensible. Thus you need to do your best to cover it with success. Otherwise, your time spent on the essay writing will be wasted.

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