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Why “Racism in Healthcare” Isn’t the Only Topic to Write About

stop racism Writing a top-rated essay about racism is impossible without answering the question, “what is racism?” This term is complex and multi-dimensional, with racism acquiring many faces in modern society. It can take the form of healthcare access disparities or educational gaps; it can be open racial discrimination and career limitations in the workplace; it can evolve into open violence in the streets and social places.

As you can see, “racism in healthcare” is not the only topic to explore. So, before composing your essay on this evergreen topic, you need to narrow down the focus and determine the aspect of this phenomenon you’re targeting.

“How to Stop Racism” Essay: 25+ Important Topics

  1. What is racism?
  2. Racism at schools – how racial disparities affect students’ career prospects and achievement.
  3. Racially biased social media messages.
  4. Racism in mass media.
  5. The history of racism legislation.
  6. Racism and economic disparities – how people of color get systemically omitted from the social welfare and economic initiatives.
  7. Racism in classical literature.
  8. The psychological consequences of exposure to racial bias.
  9. Children growing amid racial prejudice – are they ready to undermine the dominant stereotypes about them?
  10. Racism and genocide – how racial prejudice causes wars.
  11. Interracial marriage – an evolution of social attitudes.
  12. Mixed-race Americans – legal, social, and political changes around this unique population group.
  13. Learning history to stop racism through its better comprehension.
  14. Lessons of cultural diversity at school as a means of fighting racism.
  15. Illicit forms of racism and ways of dealing with them.
  16. Understanding the sources of racial hatred.
  17. Color-blind policies as a way of perpetrating, not battling, racism.
  18. Feminism in the battle against racism.
  19. Racial prejudice against refugees.
  20. The immigrant’s tragedy in a racially different country.
  21. Racism in sports and ways of dealing with it.
  22. Concealed ways of instilling racial prejudice through advertising.
  23. Racial prejudice and academic achievement.
  24. Racism in higher education – any links with student performance?
  25. A Christian approach to battling racism.

Essay on Racism and Discrimination: Avoid These 10 Topics

When composing an essay on racism and discrimination, you can easily fall into one of the popular traps associated with this sensitive subject. It is simple to get too biased or go too far into subjects without easy solutions. So, keep these topics in mind and try not to dwell on them if you can. There are tons of much safer subjects to explore.

  1. Discrimination is absent in modern society.
  2. The importance of color-blind policies.
  3. Pros and cons of approaching employment from a racially biased point of view.
  4. Slavery is a form of imperialism, not racism.
  5. Racism and bullying in my school.
  6. My friends are racists.
  7. There is no problem with racism.
  8. Racism as a survival method at school.
  9. Racism across the world is similar.
  10. Racial grounds of intellectual ability assessment.

It’s not that the topics are totally banned. The matter is in their sensitivity and high risks of crossing the line of objective analysis and stepping on the territory of biased, subjective judgments.

Explore the collection of social issues essay topics to broaden your understanding and uncover new perspectives.

Racism Argumentative Essay Format & Outline

Now let’s consider one of the suggested topics in more detail to showcase the correct essay pre-writing process. The first thing you need to understand is the format that your essay should take; it may be a five-paragraph essay or a longer academic piece, an APA or MLA paper, etc. So, you should double-check all requirements before embarking on the writing task. It’s much easier to plan everything correctly at the very start rather than make amendments in the ready draft.

Now that all details are clarified, you can start working on the essay’s outline. Suppose you’ve been assigned to an essay about racism in the workplace. Now it’s time to narrow down the topic. Within this area, you can choose to research how racism in the workplace has evolved in the past half of a century or what laws are currently put in place to prosecute racism in the workplace.

A sample topic we can suggest for the outline is “refusal to promote an employee of color – how to prove that it is racism?” An outline for this topic would look as follows:


Career promotion choices are based on many factors, including the employees’ fit for the new job, their unique skill set, and work expertise. Employees of color who don’t get the desired job promotion often attribute that decision to racial prejudice and sue employers for racism. [Provide statistics of racism lawsuits in the workplace].

Thesis Statement

Understanding legal and professional standards for equal promotion opportunities is critical for curbing racism in the workplace.

Body of the Paper

Paragraph #1 – Professional standards and procedures for employee promotion. Criteria an employee should fit.

Paragraph #2 – The reason for racism accusations is the racial gap among top managers and senior-level employees. Salary gap statistics.

Paragraph #3 – Procedures for an employee of color to follow when they suspect discriminatory treatment in the workplace because of racism. Things to check before sueing the employer. Actions they can undertake to raise their competency and become more competitive in the company.


Competency versus racism is a very delicate subject in the workplace. Employers often face ethical and professional dilemmas regarding employee promotion and the consequences of promotion choices. Knowledge of relevant legal standards and a complete understanding of the situation can aid both employees and employers avoid unnecessary litigation and workplace conflict.

 FAQ: What Is Racism Essay and More – Explained Simply

Are you tasked with a racism argumentative essay? Not sure how to move on with the assignment? Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions that we explain to you.

What is racism?

Racism is a distinct form of people’s discriminative, derogatory attitudes and actions towards other people based on their ethnicity or skin color.

How do you start an argumentative essay?

The first point to consider is making a solid introduction. State your study purpose, make an impactful statement about your major topic of concern, and formulate a thesis statement at the end of this section.

What makes a good argumentative essay?

Any academic essay, including the ‘how to stop racism’ essay, benefits from a carefully formulated topic that is debatable enough. It’s boring to argue a self-evident topic, so your task is to ensure there are at least two perspectives on the issue.

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