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Why High School Years Are Often the Most Memorable in Later LIfe?

Depending on our circumstances in life, most of us typically went to high school at age 12 and graduated at age 17. This age group according to child growth and development chart are the early and middle-late stages of adolescent life. These stages are Early (12-14 years), Middle (15-17 years), and Late (18-20 years). Adolescence or puberty is a biological event, an episode in our life when we as a growing child experienced changes in physical appearance, psychological orientation, and sociological construct similar to that of a young adult. For instance, changes in the way we perceive ourselves, the way we think, acquire knowledge, solve problems, etc., the way we value our autonomy and identity, and the way we see the opposite sex.


In the Early and Middle stages of adolescence, we developed self-esteem and individuality, and learn key thinking and conceptual skills, math and reading competencies in school. Most of us during this stage were already capable of acquiring the information we need, solve problems on our own, deal with almost any situation, and contemplate our ability to succeed

Later in the middle stage, most of us were already sociable and able to accept different points of views. We also spent more time with friends and extracurricular activities than with our family. Moreover, those were the days when we start taking our studies seriously, improved our social skills further, decide on our own, and became more conscious with our personality. Finally, it was the first that we became concern about our future and the career that we cherished today.

First Is Not Always Best but Unforgettable

The years we had in high school are special and indeed memorable. It was when we first experienced adulthood, learned to value others, saw the need to think, decide, and solve problems on our own. It was during those happy years that we start developing our self-esteem, attempt self-sufficiency, and care for the opposite sex.

We were novices, we know so little about the world but it was fun. We jumped for joy whenever solved our math problems. Smile when learned something of value. We were in bliss whenever we worked hard and passed the test. We laughed at almost anything including our own mistake and stupidity.

The valuable academic skills and competencies provided by our high school teachers helped us reached our goals and become productive members of our society today. We must never forget that. Moreover, the good thing about high school memories is not about the hilarious experiences we had but the embarrassment in class that taught us to focus more on our studies and endeavors in later life.

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