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What Is a Position Paper – Free Writing Guide for Beginners

Academic writing covers all course units in the form of different essay types. A position paper is a type of essay where the writer provides concrete opinions relating to a certain study. The writer can express their own opinion or from another credible source. These essays are applicable in various fields such as academics, law, and political affairs, among other disciplines.

Since this assignment focuses on argumentation, most students might find it challenging to develop exceptional essays. Writing it well needs intense planning, research, and meticulous writing skills. That is why college students turn to professional services to get expert assistance.

This article discusses essential aspects that offer insight into how to write a position paper and things to consider to get remarkable results.

5 Things to Consider Before Writing a Paper

What is a position paper? It is imperative to comprehend its definition before we embark on the writing phase. Learners often think that a position paper is a regular report, but it comprises one-sided argumentation from the writer’s perspective.

Express your standpoint to the readers through adequate research and presentation of findings from other published works.

However, before you embark on the writing phase, below are a few factors you must consider to compose a remarkable product.

Understand the Topic

Read the essay question carefully to understand the paper’s expectations. Ensure you comprehend the topic before you pick an argumentative side. If you don’t understand the topic, you might argue irrelevant points that might jeopardize your entire paper.

Research Sources

Conducting extensive research is a crucial aspect that allows you to get relevant resources. It is essential to have an arguable topic with a broad perspective. You can use online sites, the public library, or other available resources.

Intend Audience

Who are the target readers? Having the audience in mind will help you compose relevant opinions that will convince them to back your perspective. Make sure you also know where the audience stands.

Pick Your Standpoint

It is essential to choose a standpoint after reading through the essay question. Picking a stand will allow you to organize your thoughts and see whether they are sufficient to back your arguments.

Deliberate Arguments

Evaluate the argument thoroughly and weigh the upsides and downsides. Make sure your stand has strong arguments to give you the upper hand in persuading the audience.

Position Paper Example – Get Creative First

A position paper example, in this case, will help you learn more about the contents of each section. It would help if you organized you articulated your thoughts in a logical and transitional flow to ensure your readers follow through with the entire text.

Below is a guideline to use as an example when composing a position paper.

1. Introduction

  • Topic introduction
  • Background information
  • Thesis statement

2. Body Paragraphs

  • Counter argument

– Supporting evidence

– Refute counter-claims

– State your argument with evidence

  • Your perspective

– Present your opinion

– Evidence

– Reliable resources

3. Conclusion

  • Summarize main arguments
  • Offer solutions
  • Avoid adding new information

Position Paper Format: APA, MLA, and Other Styles Explained

Difference between APA and MLA

Academic writing has various formatting styles that students must learn to incorporate in the various essays. How do you know the required style? Usually, the essay instructions have the specified format expected from the students. Therefore, if you are unsure, you can consult with your tutor on the required formatting style. The most common styles are APA, MLA, and Chicago formatting styles. Each style is unique and has subtle differences from the rest.

When citing a position paper, format APA is usually recommended by scholars. In this style, you start with the author’s name, publication year, title name, location, and publisher’s name. You must note the comma, full stop, and semi-colon placements to avoid compromising the citation rules.

It is imperative to learn more about the formatting styles to know which style is the best for a particular essay.

How to Start a Position Paper Like a PRO

Starting any academic paper is a tricky section since it is critical to determining its direction. Therefore, students must know how to start a position paper to capture to keep it interesting.

The first step is to introduce your topic with captivating hook sentences that inform the audience about the topic. Research comprehensively and come up with background information about the research issue and explain why the investigation is essential. Not forgetting to formulate a relevant thesis statement to guide the audience.

To engage readers, your introduction sentence can be in a question form that invokes curiosity. You can also add a thought-provoking statement that leaves the reader with an excellent first impression. Or a quote from a reputable scholar that relates to the research topic.

The body comprises three to five paragraphs with the arguments. You can start the body paragraph by generating the counter-arguments first. You can do this by stating what people who disagree might say about your position. Present your arguments and disprove the counter-claims objectively with factual information. For each argument, ensure you provide supporting evidence from reliable sources.

Finally, compose a conclusion paragraph that reiterates your main argument and offers a recommendation. However, don’t introduce new ideas or arguments in this section.

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FAQ on How to Write a Position Paper

Read the detailed FAQs below to help you make an informed decision about our writing services.

How do you start an introduction for a position paper?

Make sure you capture the readers’ interest by using hook sentences. You can pose a captivating question, interesting quote, or introduce a strong declaration that will evoke curiosity to continue reading the essay.

How do you outline a position paper?

A position paper is similar to a standard academic paper. It has an introduction section that reveals your position, which captures several arguments, and the conclusion section summarizes the major research points.

How important is the position paper in an academic setting?

Position papers are significant in academics because it helps students discuss different topics without having the original research. It presents various opinions and perspectives with supporting evidence of the subject matter.

Why is it essential to make a reliable position paper?

It is vital to craft an accurate paper with factual information because the primary purpose is to persuade the readers to understand your opinion through your arguments.

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