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52 Argumentative Essay Topics for Students That Are Worth Arguing

Writing an argumentative essay is quite challenging, especially if you have no idea what to write about. An argumentative essay requires you to take a position on a topic and backup your viewpoint with evidence. So actually, you can just pick an issue that really bugs you, research it and state your arguments. You should choose a statement that you truly care about and will enjoy researching.

If you are stuck on a topic for your argumentative essay or just not sure if your ideas are powerful enough, check out the list of 52 outstanding topics that are worth arguing! We hope they will help you get started.

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Technology and Social Media

  1. Is it a good idea to use drones for projects outside of the military?
  2. Can we blame the increasing use of technology for the rise in mental illnesses?
  3. Should young children own a computer, a tablet or a smartphone? And how young is too young?
  4. Has the option of online education diminished the value of face-to-face learning?
  5. Should policymakers respond to the fact that technology is replacing many human jobs?
  6. Are self-driving cars really beneficial for society?
  7. Is it a good idea for world leaders to have social media accounts?
  8. Have photographs lost their value because there are too many of them?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Sports and Athletics

  1. Sports betting: should it be legalized everywhere for everyone?
  2. Should sports that involve animals be banned?
  3. What should colleges fund – wellness programs or sports?
  4. Is it necessary to set stricter rules about how coaches treat their players?
  5. Should professional video gaming be considered a sport?
  6. Should the government create retirement programs for athletes?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas On Health Care and Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Is the government doing enough to help people with mental illnesses?
  2. Should doctors be allowed to recommend skincare and weight loss products to their patients?
  3. Should parents who refuse to vaccinate their children be punished by law?
  4. Should mental health care be a part of the college education?
  5. Can people on the autism spectrum be equal members of society?
  6. Do people who suffer from severe acne need not only medical but also emotional support?
  7. What is more dangerous – being underweight or being overweight?
  8. There are parents who can’t provide nutritious and healthy food for their children.  Should they face criminal charges?
  9. Is it up to consumers to learn more about what they are buying?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas On Education

  1. Should child support include paying for college?
  2. Is working while in college a good idea?
  3. Will college education lose its quality and value if it becomes free?
  4. Can standardized tests measure the real knowledge and skills of a student?
  5. Should college athletes get paid?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Arts and Media

  1. Does pop culture deserve serious study?
  2. Can TV ads be considered objects of art?
  3. Is there a superior kind of art or are they all equal?
  4. Is the quality of American art deteriorating?
  5.  Is it important to have a talent to succeed in art nowadays? Or does modern art require ambitions only?
  6. Do we become more limited due to the mainstream culture?
  7. Is it true that only wealthy people can build a successful career in art?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Politics and the Legal System

  1. “Politicians that allow same-sex couples to marry are just attracting votes.” Do you agree with this statement?
  2. Are the moral and ethical values of public just game objects for politicians?
  3. Are there times when autocracy is better than democracy?
  4. Should offensive cartoons and comics about politicians be banned? Or is it a good way to display them to the public?
  5. Can society benefit if some books and movies are banned?
  6. Are politicians in your country making misuse of their rights and privileges?
  7. Is it a good idea to increase the voting age to 21?
  8. Should the government have the power to access your personal cell phone data?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Race, Culture, and Identity

  1. Adopting a child from another ethnic group- is it a good idea?
  2. Is it important for a person to know their racial and cultural heritage?
  3. Should multiculturalism be taught in classrooms?
  4. Should people have to take a parenting test and get a license before having a child?
  5. What are your arguments for and against racial profiling? Should it be accepted or banned?

Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas on Environment and Ecology

  1. Is working from home good for the environment?
  2. Can vegetarianism help save the planet?
  3. Should car owners pay more in taxes?
  4. Is the government doing enough to tackle the risks of global warming?

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