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How to Write a Senior Project Research Paper

Senior Project Research PaperSenior project research refers to a focused academic undertaking whose intention is to advance a student’s interests in learning a given topic or issue. Students are supposed to formulate their research design, determine authoritative sources that are relevant to the research, and then carry out a logical analysis that will enable them to present the research results using the right scholarly format. The student is supposed to collaborate closely with an assigned member of his/her faculty in choosing the right topic or issue for the project research. The topic should be within the student’s field of study, and the whole project should focus on the determined research question or concept.

As the author, the student comes up with a concept or question, which he or she addresses throughout the project. They then proceed to collect relevant data and information, find out the right methodology that they will use for data analysis to conclude their project’s results. This kind of write-up is a basic requirement for most colleges to an undergraduate before graduating.

The college does this purposefully to find out if the student is capable of conducting research using the knowledge they have learned throughout their college education experience across their field of study. If you consider an undergraduate in the field of business, for example, they will be dealing with a variety of subjects such as finance, business management, and accounting. Their SRP has to address or emphasize a specific concept in these elements.

Nowadays, it is very rare to find a college that will award undergraduate students with Bachelor’s degrees without completing senior research projects during their final academic year period. Before students can get clearance to graduate, they have to present the results of their research findings to the satisfaction of the committee of members from their faculty. The committee must consent formally that the presentation of the student meets the outline college standards of a senior project research paper.

The context must be set out clearly while writing the introduction part of the paper. The audience wants to know if the main idea that you are bringing forth and the arguments regarding the topic make sense, therefore, you need to explain the situation by introducing the general information regarding the concept. Your essay should be compelling, give the reader a reason why they should continue reading the paper.

What claim or position are you going to be supporting throughout the paper? You should state it using sound reasoning. Make the primary research question to be the paper’s thesis statement if you want the audience to understand why you came up with the inquiry in the first place. After stating the claim, give your readers an overview of the sources where you obtained all the relevant data and information. When dealing with a long paper, you can outline the structure and the various sources that you explored.

Do not forget to consult your instructor regarding the most appropriate tone that you should use when writing the forecast of the paper. Including a forecast in your paper helps your readers to easily follow your ideas as they can easily relate to the structure that you have outlined beforehand. And as for the thesis of the SRP, it is more than just a general statement; you must point out your position using supportive proofs.

You must understand that a title cannot do a thesis; there is more than what a title can say. Again, the thesis is not an announcement of some given subject; neither is it a statement of fact, you have to get deeper into the specific details of an issue you are dealing with. A thesis statement is what you use to formulate the topic as well as your point of view; it must be specific.

Your paper should be organized, move from general to the specific details of the problem. Every time you are introducing a new subject, you should have in your mind an inverted pyramid. As you begin the paragraphs, start by the general ideas, and then you narrow down to specific details and evidence that support the claim as you progress into the paragraphs that come below the narrow part of the pyramid. Each subject should end with the author explaining how or why the information supports his or her thesis.

In the conclusion part of the paper, just focus on general information that restates your points and arguments, it can also include a call for action or give an overview of possible future research. Our company is one of the best writing companies in the world; you can rely on us to write your projects.

Proposal Contents for the Best Senior Project Research Paper Examples

The student, first, obtains a supervisor from the faculty before attempting to do anything. The student then chooses a topic of interest, which must strictly come from his or her field of study. The student should obtain good senior research paper topics from their coursework; the best way to identify an issue or topic is to think of the concepts you have learned or ideas studied about that you feel you should continue to do an in-depth study about.

You can easily establish an appropriate topic for your paper once you look back into the issues that you discussed previously in the context of the courses that you have studied. Alternatively, you can also check for senior project research paper examples that previous graduates did and see the topics that they chose for their projects.

You can also look at recent articles published in journals addressing issues that are closely related to your coursework; these are great sources of senior research paper topic ideas. Take your time also to research the internet for magazines and professional work that are relevant to what you studied, reading this kind of work will shift your focus to the contemporary issues that need more attention in the form of research in your specialty.

Once you develop a senior research paper topics list, you can discuss these ideas with your supervisor with other class members to help you narrow down your options so you can settle down to that appropriate viable idea. You should know that you are the one choosing the topic because the research has a lot to do with you and not the supervisor who is only there to ensure you are doing the right thing.

You can then alter your idea into a research question; avoid research that does not address that specific question of interest. You can determine how valid your topic is by determining if you can formulate it into a research question or not. Ensure that you do not do your research on a very broad or too narrow topic because you can get confused or limited when working on it.

After choosing and coming to an agreement with your supervisor about the topic, you can then come up with a good proposal for your research. The proposal is a document that is not more than three pages where you focus on describing the project’s problem statement, objectives, the methodology and the kind of sources that you used to accomplish your research. In other words, your proposal should contain a brief introduction, problem statement, a literature review, and the research methodology.

The literature review should present other researchers’ opinions on the topic analytically. Therefore, writing an effective literature review means you have to demonstrate a great capacity to summarize and synthesize information. Do not forget to give credit to other researchers that you have referred to in your paper, and make sure you stay on course by focusing on key issues because you will cover a large amount of research when working on your paper.

Constantly seek advice from your lecture so you can get the right methodology that will enable you to get to the right conclusions for the project. To accomplish a great SRP effectively, the author must have a good methodology; so, this means you need to identify an appropriate methodology during the early stages of the project.

Senior Project Research Paper Outline for a Good Abstract

From the abstract, your readers need to get a brief overview of your project’s key elements. Your abstract’s senior project research paper outline has to be concise and straight to the point, write it using the present tense. As far as a senior project research paper format is concerned, your abstract should contain the following parts:

  • Introduction: Write a short overview of the project’s background that explains why you chose to research the topic. State the problem you are trying to solve in a precise expression.
  • The body: This section should address the solution that your readers are expecting from your senior seminar research paper. The first sentence should include a clear statement of what the research solves.
  • Methodology: Here, you are supposed to use sufficient details in describing the process you went through to establish your final design solution. Include any assumptions and the rationale you used to get the decision.
  • Expectations: You should end your abstract by explaining the results which you expect to attain after implementing the study.

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