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How to Write an Introduction for a Research Paper

Writing a research paper is one of the assignments average students meet at least several times during their educational process. Since not all learners are aware of the tips on how to engage their readers and, at the same time, follow the proper structure, we will present general but winning solutions to this problem to your attention.

What Is a Research Paper Introduction Indeed?

Suppose you are assigned a research paper writing on a definite discipline but have no clue how to present and encourage your audience to keep reading your creation. In that case, we offer you to start with the fundamental issues and find out what is a research paper introduction and its aim.

For immature writers, an introduction may turn out to be the most challenging part of the paper since it should contain the proper information and a short presentation of the topic matter and its importance. If you work on scientific research, your introduction must comprise a brief study description and an accurate thesis statement (presentation of the paper’s main topic in one sentence).

Suppose you have a general idea of the essence of a good research paper, but let us dig deeper to know all the crucial details.

Topic Introduction in Research Paper

Perhaps, you wonder how to start a research paper. To catch readers’ attention, you should start with a catchy sentence that may be either a statement or question form. You may refer to a newly discovered or unknown for most public facts or present generally-known information from an unusual perspective.

So, when starting an introduction, do not forget about a catchy hook, but be careful with the tone, context, and manner you present the information. Try not to confuse your reader; do not go too far into hidden meanings. Remember, clearness and relevance to the discovered topic must be first. Start with a sentence that will be understandable to a vast audience rather than a narrow group of specialists. Note the first sentence is like a book cover, and it may attract or discourage reading even though your research is exciting and crucial.

Think Over Thesis Statement

A research paper introduction should contain a thesis statement that may be pretty challenging for beginners. A thesis statement is an integral part of the paper’s opening part. It is often confused with a topic sentence, but these are different issues. Remember, the thesis statement does not always have to be the initial sentence in your introduction. First, try to engage the reader and then present the main idea of your writing.

A thesis statement is a sentence that summarizes the chief idea of your research and gives information about what will be studied and described in your research paper. It gives the reader a hint of what will be covered in the writing and whether it corresponds to their expectations and needs. It also simplifies the search revealing, in general, what data may be found if you keep reading.

Brainstorming Background

Your reader may stop reading your creation if you overload your audience with unclear information without a distinct description of your research’s worthiness. For this reason, it is crucial to summarize readers’ background knowledge or provide a clear explanation of the critical issues of the topic.

So, if you want to keep your reader informed, you should provide relevant data about conducted research or make a short review of vital resources essential for understanding your investigation. You may point to the performed researchers, their outcomes, and the importance of further studies.

Indicate the Problem You Research

When writing an introduction for a research paper, you should also emphasize the importance of your investigation. Explore our list of nursing research topics to understand how choosing the right topic contributes to the effectiveness of your introduction. Of course, it is senseless to study obvious or deeply researched problems, so you should indicate the preference of your input in the problem investigation. Due to constant studies and new discoveries, there may be a need for extra research or filling in gaps in previous studies.

In your research paper introduction, it is crucial to indicate the importance and novelty of your investigation described down the line.

Emphasize the necessity of your contribution and connect it to the problem you study in your research paper. You should provide grounded reasons and facts to be more persuasive about the importance of your writing.

Methodology and References Overview

A scientific research paper should also include:

  • Methodology description;
  • Research question or hypothesis;
  • Brief literature review.

These issues are crucial if your investigation is original and presents new data. In such a case, describing the methodology tools applied in your research and other processes involved in investigating the problem is required.

You should also ask a research question you will answer in your study. Or a hypothesis that serves as a pre-experiment prediction. At the conclusion, you will approve or deny this hypothesis regarding the research results.

In the literature review, you refer to the most significant writings and research where a problem was relevant to your investigation discussed.

Rationality of Problem Solution

If you hesitate about how to conclude a research paper introduction, write several words about what forced you to investigate the selected problem. You may indicate whether it was a necessity or your personal choice. Conclude with the expected results and your own motivation for a profound investigation of the issue in your research paper.

Be careful with information dosage, and do not reveal all the information initially. You must engage the reader and demonstrate your expertise level, importance, and personal interest in the discovered problem. Be concrete with your research, and do not try to cover multiple issues that are not related.

Where to Find Perfect Research Paper Introduction Example

Naturally, students need a good tutor to explain the fundamental issues and requirements of academic paper writing. Since not all learners are lucky to get help and guidance from writing experts, they often study thematic information online and do their best to handle their research papers and introductory part requirements. Learn more about the writing process in our research paper writing guide.

Suppose you are one of such learners without proper skills in research paper writing. In that case, you may turn to a qualified paper writing service and get professional assistance with investigation and presenting outcomes in a research paper on a turnkey basis. In addition, it is possible to look through bright samples published on the site to have a perfect guideline to follow.


What are the 4 parts of an introduction in a research paper?

A research paper is an academic writing with a particular clear structure to follow. Depending on the type of your research, there may be slight differences in the introduction, which is an initial and crucial part of your investigation. Remember, every research paper should include at least 4 points, such as

  • Topic introduction and thesis statement;
  • Background information;
  • Investigated problem;
  • Methodology applied.

Depending on teachers’ requirements, there may be some extra information included.

How do you write a strong introduction?

If you think about a solid introduction to research paper, you should pay attention to some powerful tips that will engage your audience. If you want to encourage your reader from the first lines, remember there must be a clear structure without watery context. In addition, try to invent a hooky sentence and provide basic information that will assist your audience in understanding the importance and essence of your research.

How long should an introduction be?

There are no strict rules about the length of the introduction to your research paper. Everything depends on the paper’s scope. Lengthy, new, and profound writings may have an over 1-page opening. At the same time, brief investigations do not require a long and detailed paper intro. So, be careful with the length of your research paper introduction and remember that it should not exceed the body of your research. Consider the total scope of your study when writing an opening since it must be commensurate with the other parts of your paper.

What are the typical mistakes of research paper introduction writing?

We all make mistakes when doing tasks or writing papers. If your stove is to reach success in the introduction to your writing, you may order research papers for sale or consider the most popular drawbacks that decrease the quality of your paper. Remember that the introduction is the initial part of your writing and should acquaint readers with further research. Students often present the outcome at the beginning, which is wrong. Also, they sometimes do not keep a proper structure and overload the audience with unnecessary information.

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