Good Words To Use In Essays

To write a really good essay, one needs to have sufficient vocabulary. Therefore, developing the language skills to write a persuasive argument is critical.

In this article, we will present you the essay words and phrases you need to write a first-class essay and examples of their use. It is not an exhaustive list, but it should be more than enough to help you instantly improve your essay writing skills.

The Key To The Correct Use Of Good Words Is The Algorithm For Writing An Essay

Before learning and applying good words for an essay, you need to understand the action plan. A good action plan involves the use of structure and good words. It is important because no words will save your essay from a bad grade without it. Also, the writing itself will turn into torture.

In any case, the following algorithm of actions will help to cope with the task:

  • Carefully read the instructions for the paper and the proposed essay topic (or thoughtfully choose it yourself).
  • Plan according to the structure: prescribe theses and develop arguments and examples confirming them.
  • Calculate the time to complete each part of the essay.
  • Write the text without exceeding the given volume.
  • Recheck the text two or three times and correct the mistakes.
  • Submit work on time and meet deadlines.

Follow these simple rules as well as the word usage tips below. This will help you to write an essay that will get A+ without any problems.

Words To Use In Essay To Explain Your Point Of View

To influence the interlocutor, convince oneself that you are right, and influence people’s minds is a real art. And happy are those who mastered it. Such people have a huge advantage in all areas of life related to communication and negotiations. To master this art, first of all, you must learn how to use words to explain your point of view.

In Order To

Usage: Use the words “In order to” to explain an argument’s purpose.

Example: “In order to understand X, we must first understand Y.”

 In Other Words

Usage: Use “in other words” to express something differently (simpler), to make it easier to understand, or to emphasize a point.

Example: “Frogs are amphibians. In other words, they live on land and in water.”

In Short

Usage: The phrase “In short” can be used at particularly difficult moments when you feel that an alternative way of framing a problem might help the reader better understand its meaning.

Example: “Plants rely on photosynthesis. In short, they will die without the sun.”

That Is

Usage: “That is” can add additional details to your explanation.

Example: “Whales are mammals. That is, they must breathe air.”

For This Purpose

Usage: Use “for this purpose” similarly to “in order to.”

Example: “Zoologists have long been trying to understand how animals communicate with each other. For this purpose, a new study has been launched that looks at elephant sounds and their possible meanings.”

Words For Essays For Adding Additional Information To Support A Point Of View

Students often mistake using synonyms whenever they want to add additional information to support their point of view or make an argument. Here are some correct ways to do it.


Usage: Use “moreover” at the beginning of a sentence to add additional information to support your actions.

Example: “Moreover, the results of a recent study provide compelling evidence to support…”


Usage: This phrase is also commonly used at the beginning of a sentence to add additional information.

Example: “Also, there is reason to believe that…”


Usage: Use “similarly” when you want to talk about something that is in line with what you just mentioned.

Example: “Scientist A believes in X. Similarly, Scientist B argues convincingly in favor of this view.”

Another Key Fact To Remember

Usage: Use the phrase “another key fact to remember” to introduce additional facts without using the word “also.”

Example: “As a romantic, John Smith supported closer relations between people and nature. Another key fact to remember is that John Smith lived during the industrial revolution, which greatly impacted the world around him.”

As Well As

Usage: Use “as well as” instead of “also” or “and.”

Example: “Scientist A claimed it was related to X as well as Y.”

Not Only…But Also

Usage: This wording is used to add a piece of information, which is often something more surprising or unexpected than the first piece of text.

Example: “John Smith not only had the honor of being the first to reach the summit of K2 but also was appointed a World’s Luckiest Traveler reward.”

Combined With

Usage: Used when considering 2 or more arguments at the same time.

Example: “Combined with literature data, statistics give a convincing picture of…”

First, Second, Third…

Usage: This technique can be used to structure an argument by clearly presenting the facts one by one.

Example: “There are a lot of points in support of this point of view. First, X. Second, Y. And third, Z.

Not To Mention

Usage: “Not to mention” can add additional information with a little emphasis.

Example: “The war brought unprecedented suffering to millions of people, not to mention its impact on the country’s economy.”

Good Words For Essays To Demonstrate Contrast

When writing an argument, you often need opposing opinions or evidence. This section looks at words you can use to make your essay more interesting.


Usage: Use “however” to introduce a point of view that doesn’t match what you just said.

Example: “Scientist A thinks so. However, scientist B came to a different conclusion.

On The Other Hand

Usage: This phrase includes introducing an opposite interpretation of the same piece of evidence, or a piece of evidence suggesting something different, or an opposing opinion.

Example: “Historical evidence seems to indicate a clear situation. On the other hand, the archaeological evidence shows a somewhat less direct picture of what happened that day.”

Having Said This/That

Usage: Used similarly to “on the other side” or “but.”

Example: “Historians unanimously tell us X, a convention that suggests this version of events must be accurate. Having said that…, archeology tells a different story.”

In Contrast To/In Comparison

Usage: Use “in contrast” or “in comparison” when you compare and contrast evidence.

Example: “Thus, the opinion of scientist A is based on insufficient evidence. In comparison, the opinion of scientist B seems more plausible.

Where To Find Strong Words To Use In An Essay

To write an essay that corresponds to the canons of the genre, you need time and inspiration. It is not a technical task that can be completed according to a ready-made algorithm. To get a high grade for the work, the student must state the vision of the material studied.

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