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Here is All You Need to Know About an Essay on Courage

Essay on CourageEssays about courage and bravery are commonly assigned to students, and it’s not hard to understand why. Think about your favorite movies, books, or historical moments. You’ll probably find that they all have a hero or heroes whose exploits are at the center of the story. Humans are naturally drawn to heroic acts. We all require a little courage in our everyday lives, whether it’s walking up and talking to a crush or making that presentation in front of a crowd.

Heroic moments create feelings of awe, respect, and reverence, which all come together to elicit a euphoric feeling. We all want to be heroes in our own lives, but we often doubt and underestimate ourselves. An essay on courage is meant to celebrate ourselves or those who were able to overcome fear and self-doubt to achieve something truly remarkable. This inspires readers to be bold and fearless in times of difficulty and uncertainty. The essay can take on a descriptive, expository, analytical, or even argumentative angle. Regardless of the style, it must be able to clearly define and illustrate bravery.

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What is Courage Essay and How Do You Write One?

A courage essay is meant to describe or depict what it means to be courageous. The essay can be based on the author’s actions or the actions of those around them. Alternatively, the essay can be about a prolific or historical figure who showed courage against all the odds. Defining courage can be difficult as it is often very subjective. Courage has different definitions for different people based on their values, experiences, and environments. You can imagine a schoolteacher and a soldier discussing bravery. They would have very different ideas!

Some consider courage to be a lack of fear in circumstances that would undoubtedly elicit fear. Others see it as the ability to persevere through difficult times. Actions that some consider being courageous may be deemed as reckless and rash by others. To some courage is about taking risks but to others, courage is knowing when to back down.

Regardless of the definition, what is clear is that courage is a trait most people yearn to possess, and that is why people love to write and read about it. Writing about courage doesn’t have to be difficult at all because courage can be whatever you want it to be. You just have to convince readers to see the courage too.

The John F. Kennedy Profiles in Courage Essay Contest

You may be wondering why you would ever be required to write an essay based on courage. Well, thousands of students write courage essays every year as part of the John F. Kennedy profiles in courage essay contest. In case you have never heard of it, the contest tasks American high school students with writing a unique and imaginative essay that shows their comprehension of political courage as portrayed by John F. Kennedy. While serving as Senator of Massachusetts and recovering from surgery in 1956, Kennedy authored the acclaimed book Profiles in Courage. The book is a collection of biographies of eight American Senators whose actions stood out to Kennedy. The biographies depict political moments of courage, bravery, and integrity exemplified by the Senators. Some of the Senators featured include John Quincy Adams, Sam Houston, George Norris, and Lucius Lamar.

The essay contest challenges students to identify politicians and lawmakers who have shown courage and fearlessness by taking a stand on ethical principles. Students must be able to do this in under 1,000 words and are encouraged to feature elected officials who have not previously been written about. The short essay on courage pretty much tasks students to carry on the work of John F. Kennedy by celebrating individuals who have proven to be courageous in politics. A $10,000 scholarship is awarded to the winner, and they have the honor of accepting their prize at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston. The runner-up, finalists, and semi-finalists all receive a cash prize towards their college tuition.

Here Are Some Great Courage Essay Examples

Courage is a rich topic, and there are numerous ways you can write about it. These are a few courage essay ideas that can help you get those creative juices flowing.

  • The meaning of courage

This is a multi-faceted topic that gives you the chance to define courage from your perspective. You may have come across different types of courage. Sometimes it’s simple deeds that go uncelebrated while other times it’s remarkable deeds that receive great praise and recognition. A definition essay on courage allows you to write about what courage truly means to you.

  • Courage when faced with death

Death is inevitable, but no one is ever truly ready to die. Death scares us all which is why it takes immense courage to face death head on. Think of someone who put their lives at risk for the sake of others. Or someone who is nearing death and handling the inevitable courageously.

  • Courage to take a stand

It takes courage to sacrifice your comfort and freedom for others. Taking a stand and saying no to the vices in society is brave. Write about a moment where you or someone else was brave enough to say no and the consequences of this decision. For a moral courage essay, think of activists, revolutionaries, or the ordinary people whose bravery changed the world.

  • Courage to be yourself

We are all unique, and yet we spend our lives trying so hard to fit in. Standing out of the crowd is courageous because most people prefer to conform to please others. Courageous people remain true to themselves in a world that is constantly trying to change them. Think of someone who always speaks their truth, no matter what others think. Someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves.

  • Courage to overcome

They say life can be unfair. And it truly can be for some people. Think of people who have endured great tragedy and still managed to keep going. Or those who started off life with a great disadvantage but never gave up.

  • How to build courage

Are we born with courage, or does it manifest when we need it most? Think of the factors that go into courage – genetics, environment, personality, resilience, and experiences. What advice would you give someone who is in dire need of some courage?

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