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How to Write Anti Essay Reviews?

Anti Essay ReviewsStudents are often asked to write reviews on anti essays. This kind of essay typically has plenty of content that can spur controversies. To write a review, you first need to read the whole essay and take notes of the points and arguments that you find controversial and can produce quality counterarguments. Then, you have to assess the sources of information used by the writer of the essay and determine if they are credible or not.

Good anti essay reviews not only talk about the content of the essay but also about the writer with a focus on his/her background, learning journey, and experience. You must pay attention to the style, tone, and diction used in the paper. Also, you should:

  • Write what might have made the writer think of the topic in a certain controversial manner. Discuss what you find arguably and why.
  • Talk about how the choice of words affects meaning.
  • Cover all other aspects of writing, including sentence structure and statistics.

Here’s the Right Way to Write an Anti Hero Essay

Many times, specific political or religious figures are idealized and termed as heroes in society. Nevertheless, every leader has individual flaws. So you might be asked by your teacher to produce an anti hero essay. As the name suggests, you will need to highlight the mistakes and weaknesses in the leadership of the hero.

To write such an essay, you should familiarize yourself with the political, religious, or social profile of the hero. So the first step is to conducting research and brainstorming. You particularly need to find points against the hero.

Keywords like ‘mistakes of the hero (mention the hero’s name here)’ or ‘criticism on the hero’ on the search engine can lead you to useful information. See what people have to say against the hero. You can find many such articles online. Make notes of the important points and later develop an essay from them.

The central points of criticism should all be compiled in the thesis statement that you will place at the end of the introduction. Develop topic sentences from your thesis statement and base the body paragraphs on them. Write in a way that the readers get convinced to understand and realize the flaws in the leadership of the hero.

Things to Consider While Writing an Anti Federalist Persuasive Essay

As an academic assistance company that has been offering high-quality services for 11+ years now, we have written anti essays on all sorts of topics. One such topic that is strong yet uncommon is an anti federalist persuasive essay. It’s essential to study history and understand the central arguments and proceedings of the anti-federalist group to produce a quality essay.

The anti-federalists conducted a long fight, though they were less organized and composed in their approach as compared to the federalists. On the one hand, the anti-federalist group raised genuine concerns regarding the national government and the constitution. On the other hand, the federalists were able to respond to them with logical arguments. The federalists were in favor of the Article of Confederation’s ratification, thinking that it impeded the power of congress. You can find more information on the basic arguments of both groups online.

The main question that you should try to answer is – why should we not approve of the stance of the federalists? A good persuasive essay presents the optimal combination of ethos, pathos, and logos. Tell the readers why your stance is correct and where you have collected your information from.

Use statistics derived from trustworthy sources of information in the essay. Make an emotional appeal to the readers. You can achieve this effect by highlighting the cons of approving the concerns of the federalists.

What to Write in an Anti Drugs Essay?

One of the strongest and most fundamental evils in modern society is drugs. They are taken by people of all classes and age-groups. Different kinds of drugs are available in the market today. In some countries, their consumption is legal, while in others, certain forms of drugs are illegal.

An anti drugs essay is supposed to discuss the unfavorable impacts of drugs’ consumption on the human mind and body. You can collect information from Youtube videos as well as other online articles. Many research papers have been written on this topic, so finding relevant data shouldn’t be difficult for you. Start the essay by mentioning the stats in it. Lead the discussion towards the thesis statement. Answer the question – why drugs should be banned?

You can focus the essay on a certain group, e.g., students or a specific type of drug, e.g., marijuana. Unless being generic is the requirement of the topic or your teacher, it is better to orient the argument around a particular form of drug or group of consumers. The unfavorable effects of drugs include but are not limited to anti-social behavior, depression, increased vulnerability to heart and lungs’ diseases, and poor performance at work.

How to Develop a Strong Anti Smoking Essay?

Smoking is one of the most common ways in which drugs are consumed. There’s a wide range of drugs that are smoked that include but are not limited to cigarettes, heroin, and marijuana. The unhealthy effects of smoking don’t just result from the consumption of the actual drug, but also from the burning of the paper the drug is wrapped or enclosed in.

It is important to collect facts about smoking before starting the essay. You can talk about a range of aspects related to this habit in your anti smoking essay, including:

  • What factors trigger an individual’s tendency to start smoking?
  • How does smoking affect human psychology?
  • What are the effects of smoking on the lungs?
  • Discuss statistics related to the harmful effects of smoking.
  • How much money is wasted on smoking?
  • What indirect cost does the whole society have to bear?

Anti Discrimination Essay – One of the Favorite Topics of Teachers

Many students ask us to produce an anti-discrimination sample essay for them. This evil exists in society at several levels. Sometimes, it exists in terms of the imposition of restrictions on the minorities, and at other times, it is gender-based. Discrimination prevails in the form of different policies for male and female workers in organizations. Differences in their pay-scales exist even if a male and a female worker are equally educated, experienced, and qualified for a job.

Teachers often require students to write an anti discrimination essay because it is a reality of our society. The point is to make the young learners think about the policies and traditions in a certain way and realize how they are restrictive or discriminatory towards the minority groups in society. Such essays spur critical thinking ability in the writers.

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