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Choosing a good research paper topic can be crucial to the success of your writing so you should treat this aspect of your work with serious consideration. Here are some helpful tips to consider:

Avoid choosing a topic that is based on a journal article as it is likely to be specific. Address a subject encyclopedia instead that offers a wide selection of ideas.

Once you have an idea of what you are going to dedicate your writing to, shape it in a topic that can be researched. Consider time period and theoretical applications.

Keep in mind that your supervisor expects you to use as many sources as possible including books, web site sources, and journal articles.

Narrow your topic making it manageable. Think of whether the research is manageable on your topic and whether it is possible to control for variations. In order to narrow it down, consider the following:

Do you want to apply a specific concept or theory?

What period are you interested in?

What geographical location are you interested in?

You may encounter some problems while working on your topic, namely: if the topic you choose have been covered in someone else's work; if your topic is too specific or broad; or if it is too narrow.

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