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Practical Hints for Book Report Essay Writing

Learning how to Write a Good Book Report Essay

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Writing Your Essay

There are two main types of books: Fiction and Non-fiction. All of these exhibit four elements: plot, characters, setting, and conflict. To succeed with your book report essay, it is imperative for you to keep in mind the following steps.

  1. First of all, you have to identify the elements of the story.
  2. Speaking about the characters, you have to enumerate just the main and give your description of them as you have observed through reading the story.
  3. In addition, you are to discuss the plot, the story as a whole. Identify and explain the relevance of the setting to the story. Take note that the setting includes both time and place. In many stories, the setting can also be a part of the cast of characters and may require a descriptive account.
  4. It is also essential to discuss the relationship of the place to the characters. Besides, find angles to answer the question as to why the author chose that particular period.
  5. When discussing the conflict, identify the character (protagonist) and the other character (antagonist). It is likely that a character may have conflict with the other heroes of the story, but not just with the characters, usually a spiritual or psychological force, maybe internal or external conflict.
  6. Writing this type of report or paper is a lot like writing an analysis essay. You have to investigate your topic, in this case it is a book. It is a theme-oriented style of essay writing. So you have to prepare a good research paper outline.
  7. Finally, you should understand and review well your assigned reading. Then you need to present a concise overview of the book’s topic and the author’s perspective and the style of research paper writing. Afterwards, enumerate the author’s main points and his argumentation, identify and elaborate on his thesis. Do not forget to provide the author’s conclusion as well. Remember that you are to give a personal account on how you think the reading was relevant to the present times.

Evaluation and Analysis

This area of your essay deals with your personal attitude towards the book. So you need to give your personal verdict. Review the book according to literary standards and comment on the author’s style of writing by discussing how it affected the way you understood the book. What are the book’s pros and con?

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