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Information about UMI Dissertation Services

Among the most widely used UMI dissertation services and products are publishing and archiving theses and dissertations, maintaining bibliographic record of about two million papers, and selling copies on demand among others.

Whether you are a researcher, an author, or a graduate school we have a number of resources that were designed specifically for you.

You are free to do the research while UMI will help you meet logistical requirements for an effective thesis. Once your manuscript is submitted and accepted you will also benefit from a variety of author services such as copyright clearance, quality control, archiving, publication, indexing, and marketing.

Published are only thesis and dissertations from accredited institutions with an agreement from each of the authors. You can take advantage of free informational packets that contain comprehensive details concerning publishing process.

Some universities accepting theses and dissertations in electronic format provide authors with the opportunity to submit their digital documents through school libraries for publication. Your document should be submitted in Adobe PDF format without any password protection. It is strongly recommended that authors take responsibility for reformatting paper documents into Adobe PDF and check them for accuracy.

These UMI dissertation services along with a number of other products are available whenever you choose to complete your paper with our knowledgeable writers known for their proficiency and deep understanding of customer's needs.

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