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UMI dissertation is a type of written assignment that can be purchased in print, digital format, or microfilm through Digital Dissertations. Most part of the historical archive is maintained on the microfilm, yet digital formats are becoming norm of storage and submission.

By preparing and submitting your paper electronically you acquire basic skills of electronic document preparation which will be extremely helpful to you in teaching, researching, or using research results of others. Furthermore you can think of how to convey message of your thesis in an electronic form so that it looks really impressive. A good option is to include hypertext links, color diagrams and images, video and audio, spreadsheets, animations, simulations, and databases.

Speaking about electronic submission of the paper we should mention some advantages concerning its preservation. It is immune to the deterioration of the ink and paper as well as theft.

Electronic archiving of your UMI dissertation provides you with an access to it in the future, irrespective of changes in standards and media. Your electronic version is sure to get greater access and distribution as compared to a paper copy.

Generally speaking there doesn’t exist any restrictions on access to dissertations and theses whether electronic or print. Copies may be purchased in a number of various formats.

With the electronic version of your paper you can impose delay on its publication. This can be applied to such situations as book contract negotiation or patent application.

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