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What Are The Various Types Of Essay?

Tips on Understanding Every Type of Essay

Types of essay are usually recognized by the wordings found in the questions. This may be express or implied. In some cases like writing in a normal class setting or on middle school essay topics, the wordings of the essay topic would simple suggest the types of essay that is needed from you”But in other serious setting such as writing in an examination, it will be left to you to decide the type of essay. Remember that this is part and parcel of the essay question. Also take note about understanding and writing an outline because how to write an essay outline would also be essential in understanding the various kinds of essay.

There are so many types of essay. An essay can be a cause and effect essay. This will require you to bring out the causes of an event or events, the course and the effects. Remember that this is a type of writing which you will have to differentiate between immediate and remote causes and also between long-term and short-term effects.

An essay my require you to compare and contrast. This is one of the most popular types of examination questions. This type of essay calls for you to point out similarities or discuss differences. Remember that in this type of essay, you will be discussing not one subject, but two. Also remember that this is one of those good essay topics in which the wordings would not expressly state what is required from the student. You will have to critically look into the question and determine the type of essay.

An essay can require you to demonstrate. This is a kind of essay in which you will be given a statement and ask to demonstrate it. An essay may also require you to discuss. This is an open invitation for you to talk about something in detail. This is a type of question in which the wordings would also ask you to discuss. Sometimes, the word discuss’ may be hidden in words like describe or explain or explore.

Sometimes an essay will require you to divide or classify. This will require you to break down a subject into smaller pieces ahead of analyzing it. This can either be a place, a thing, a process or even a person. Make sure that after you have broken down the parts, you will have to sum up by discussing the various parts as a unified whole.

An essay may ask you to define. In this case, you will have to provide an extended knowledge about something. This will also be supported by examples. Remember that examples are what will strengthen your explanations.

The essay question may be an evaluation question. This is another favorite examination kind of essay which will call for you to think critically and put up an argument.

In another case, the essay may require you to respond to a comment or quotation. This is a type of writing in which your opinion about a particular thing will be tested.

Types of essay could be represented in so many forms. The essay can be a process analysis essay or even a far-out essay question. As earlier said, you must be familiar with all the various forms in which the essay can be represented ahead of coming up with an essay plan. This is because the wordings of the essay topic may not reveal to you the type of essay. It can only be gotten through inference.

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