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Tourism Dissertation

Help with Tourism Dissertation

Like any other type of scientific writing, tourism dissertation offers you a wonderful opportunity to conduct individual research that you are likely to find both interesting and challenging. The choice of topic for your writing is usually up to you, yet your academic advisor will advise on its appropriateness and feasibility.

On completion of your research you'll be required to produce a thesis of nearly 15,000 words in length. You'll be assessed on the management of the project, its originality, coherence and structure, and methodology used. If done successfully, your paper will contribute to your academic and career goals, and prepare you better for employment in private and public sectors, developing and managing travel and tourism resources.

Speaking about tourism dissertation we should also point out that its successful completing will provide students with the opportunity to:

– show a deep understanding of the industry's dynamic nature, its structure and defining characteristics, as well as organization and operation of the public, private, and non-profit sectors;

– understand social, economic, political, ethical, and technical influences within the travel and tourism business;

– understand central role played by a tourist consumer;

– demonstrate your ability to synthesize theory and practice of management within the context of the industry.

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