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Title Page for Research Paper

Title page for research paper is regarded by many as the most important part of the writing, as it is the first thing your supervisor is likely to see and it is sure to make a big impression on him.

So what do you need to place on your cover page”Actually this information should be provided to you by the supervisor. Usually the following information is required: your name, school number, date of turning in the essay, title of the project, title of the class, and the name of your supervisor.

As for the style of your cover page you may take advantage of the following tips:

1. use a clear font which makes your title page easy to read.

2. keep your cover page simple. Remember that excessive pictures and words are likely to have confusing effect.

3. keep the lines starting on the right or left margin which will make your essay easier to read and create much stronger visual impression.

You may add a graphic to your writing, yet make sure it does not overpower the text.

It is a good idea to do a large background picture in a lighter ink. Keep in mind there must be contrast between the words and background so that your work is readable.

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