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Help with Dissertation Title

The process of choosing a dissertation title is a gradual one and encompasses the following steps:

– bearing in mind the choice of a research topic for your paper while carrying out general study;

– choosing a research area which is then agreed by an Adviser and the Program Committee. The role of a supervisor is to provide guidance on the choice of the title for your paper as well as the methodology that should be employed;

– submitting a title which is usually required in the first weeks of the writing period. Once it has been registered with the Higher Degrees Office it cannot be changed.

For full- and part-time students the notification of the proposed areas of research is received by the External Examiner and the proposals are considered as part of the course work for the second year.

Choosing a good dissertation title is vital as it determines to a great extent success of your writing. It should be neither too long nor too dramatic. It shouldn’t be a statement of your hypothesis, and it should clearly indicate what is investigated and where.

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