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Dissertation Tips

Dissertation Tips from our Experts

This page contains dissertation tips on how to properly organize your paper. Unlike the layout, there aren't any fixed rules determining structure of a research paper. However it is accepted that it should be composed of the following chapters:

– title page which reflects the title of the research work, the author's name, a statement about the program under which your paper is submitted, and the date of submission.

– abstract which is a summary of the research objectives, methodology used, and findings of your work;

– content list that lists section and chapter headings;

– list of diagrams, illustrations, and tables;

– acknowledgements;

– body text divided into sections with appropriate headings;

– references which have been cited in your paper;

– appendices which contain parts of writing that doesn't make direct contributions to the main text, yet need to be present for completeness.

Before starting to write your paper, spend some time planning its structure. This will save much time and effort and reduce text so that your paper will be more readable. A good option is to get a copy of a paper created by a student in your department to see how it is organized, and to get idea of what sort of material should be included into each section. Remember to use a new page starting a distinct part of your writing.

Following these dissertation tips you'll make your writing more successful. Alternatively you may consider services offered by our professional writers who have produced thousands of top quality dissertations, research papers, and term papers throughout their working experience.