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Dissertation and Thesis

Dissertation and Thesis Writing

Graduate students frequently think that writing a dissertation and thesis statement passes through two distinct phases doing research and writing a dissertation. And though it is the case for some students, most frequently these phases interact with each other. Sometimes it is rather difficult to formalize your idea until you have done writing; the results of your research may also require you to make certain changes which means you will have to rewrite parts of your thesis.

Speaking about the dissertation and thesis we may state that the process of developing your ideas is never complete which means there will be always more than you could do.

A problem the majority students face while working on their dissertation and thesis is that the only goal they strive to achieve is to finish the thesis. It is important however that you divide this task into manageable stages in terms of writing a thesis statement and doing the research. Try to complete a range of tasks both in terms of difficulty and duration.

It is also advisable to start the writing process at a coarse granularity refining your dissertation and thesis successively. First you'll have to write down notes on what you are going to cover, and then organize them into an outline. Keep in mind that the latter may change as you progress in your writing and research.

While working on your dissertation and thesis remember that your readers are sure to be less familiar with the subject of study than you are. Thus you are required to explain your goals, motivations, and methodology in a clear way. Present your ideas at several levels of abstraction and use examples to convey your ideas in a different way.

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