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How to Tackle the Synthesis Essay

Tips on Composing Synthesis Essays

Synthesis essay is all about writing from sources. In such types of essay the sources that you may be required to write from may be numerous. This is the more reason why you must begin with an essay plan. In most cases, you may be provided two sources to synthesize. This means that your research and writing will take into account analysis and comparison. In other situations, it may require you to divide and classify. What will be required from a synthesis paper will however depend on the wordings of the essay question. Remember that the wordings may not expressly tell you what to do. The manner in which you have to write may be implied from these wordings.

A synthesis write-up is one of the easiest types of papers to start and complete. Such essays are usually given as middle school essay topics. You should start by carefully reading through what has been given to you. Remember that for you to synthesize something; you must understand what that thing is all about. There are so many ways that you can use to explore your object of synthesis. Remember that your main aim is to come out with information that is organized and information that can be used to make something obvious to your readers.

Most good essay topics will normally require you to synthesize. To successfully synthesize, you will also find that you will have to work through the use of so many outlines. How to write an essay outline will be one of your most useful resources. The outline is required because when you synthesize, you create, compare and join information into a unified whole. You will find that there are so many contrasting ways of arriving at this unified whole and at almost every point in your research; you will have to make adjustments to your outline.

The opening of your synthesis paper should be short and simple. This may just be represented in a single paragraph. Remember to include just one or two sentences that will represent the whole of your synthesis. If you are to synthesize two or more sources, it will be relevant to let the readers know the authors of what you are about synthesizing. Make sure that the names and titles of all works are provided. You may also give some important background about the authors.

The body of your synthesis paper should be arranged according to subject matter, points, connections or any other features as the topic will demand. But remember that the manner in which you arrange information may also be determined by the nature of the topic or by the outline you discover in what you are about synthesizing. When you compose every paragraph of your synthesis paper, make sure that every paragraph is started with a sentence or point which tells your reader about the object of synthesis. Make sure you identify and separate information from each source and you should equally let your readers know every source and its accompanying information. Also show any resemblances or variations in each of the sources.

Synthesis essay writing is all about making a fair representation of sources. You should also know that you are not writing outside what has been given you to synthesize. Therefore, you will be making a fair representation of what the original authors have said. But make sure that you do not repeat word verbatim. Write in your own words and only the very important points should be written down.