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Coursework Summary


The course work presentation should be impressive and in a proper order. It should have these body parts: Introduction, The explanation or body, the findings or arguments, and the summary of findings and conclusion. </p.

Summary of the entire work in two paragraphs must bring out the essence of al the contents in the work. In other words, the coursework summary must tell the reader what you have done, and what conclusion you have reached and the logic behind it all in a nutshell. In other words, it is a précis of your entire work.

Your summary must begin at the beginning, stating the question and what you were asked to do in two or three simple sentences. Coursework summary is not elaborate. So you have to use words sparingly. Introduce the topic are first, followed by the arguments in the body in similar two or more lines with any for-and against arguments and then present a little elaborately your conclusions.

Carefully go through the entire report and all collected matter and then make a list of the important things that you feel are the ones that helped you reach your conclusions. All these points have to be explained in one or two sentences. They have then to be arranged logically along with any recommendations you may feel is necessary into one or two paragraphs.

The most important principle you must bear in mind is