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Student Research Paper

An objective of creating a student research paper is to provide other people with the opportunity to read it selectively. For this reason you should make your writing properly organized and formatted by presenting all of the required sections in a logical order, each section starting on a new page.

In order to make your paper readable print it using a standard font like Bookman, Geneva, Times, or Helvetica. Your text must be double-spaced with one inch single sided margins. You are also expected to adhere to recommended page limits and number pages consecutively.

In all sections of your writing you should stay focused on the topic of research, present your viewpoints in logical order, use separate paragraph for each important point, avoid informal wording and slang terms, and use past tense to describe specific results.

Make the title of your paper as informative as possible placing it on the cover page together with the name of the author and date submitted. What should follow the title page are the following sections: an abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, and literature cited. Each of these should be accomplished in a clear and concise style.

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