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Sport dissertation is an important part of your educational process and an opportunity to put into practice a variety of topics identified in the units of study which you’ve already completed. By working persistently with your advisor you must show that your ability to critically evaluate current literature as well as generate important and relevant issues relating to deficiencies in the current knowledge. These skills are necessary for every post that requires initiative planning and execution, and are essential for pursuing a career in the research-related area.

In sport dissertations, like any other type of scientific writing, you’ll have to design and conduct research study which addresses important issues within your field of study. You’ll be guided toward a high standard of interpretation, data gathering, and processing analysis. It’s important that all students appreciate they control direction and conduct of their research.

In the process of writing your sport dissertation you will develop and refine skills that initiate and sustain academic study in the field of health science and exercise. You’ll be able to:

– interpret and contextualize literature in your specialized field;

– outline major mechanisms related to the issue;

– initiate and sustain a study through your own insights and efforts;

– identify the findings of your work in terms of its scientific quality and place in the field;

– act on advice of advisors while working independently.

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