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Taking advantage of the tools in the dissertation software you are sure to create the best thesis or term paper setting the styles of block quotations, paragraphs, epigraphs, footnotes, fonts, page numbers, chapter numbers, title page, margins, bibliography, table of contents, epigraphs, abstracts, and appendices. And you are free to choose whether you use APA, Chicago, or MLA requirements.

Created and maintained by the Information Technology Services were the templates providing wealth of opportunities for students. They meet current guidelines of the Office of Graduate Studies and include a guide which explains how to use them.

Whether you start working on your paper or your writing is finished and needs formatting these templates will format all pages of your dissertation, set margins and place page numbers, block quotes, and define the style for headings and subheadings. However these templates won’t guarantee or verify the compliance with guidelines offered by the Office of Graduate Studies.

Included in the template are four template files, namely:

– front matter template including title, copyright, dedication, signature, acknowledgments, a sample table of contents, a list of illustrations, and a list of figures;

– chapter template provided for reference only;

– back matter template including glossary, appendix, bibliography, a sample vita, and bibliography;

– master template shell documents into which you’ll insert all individual files comprising your entire document.

With the help of our dissertation software you are sure to get the paper which is properly organized and meets required standards.