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Sixth Term Examination Paper

Sixth term examination paper, commonly referred to as STEP, is an examination set by the Cambridge University with the aim of assessing applicants for the undergraduate course in mathematics. Results from this examination are used to supplement the existing exam results of a candidate that are usually insufficient to distinguish between the cleverest applicants.

Before accepting candidates onto the maths course each of the colleges requires them to achieve good grades. Some applicants may be excused from taking STEP including those competing in the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Three written exams are set annually, with STEP1 being the easiest, and STEP3 the most difficult. Taking a maximum of two of them is required from the candidates. Maths grades are frequently required for some other courses like engineering and computer science. It wasn’t until 2003 however that STEP paper in mathematics has become the only one in use. Such custom term papers used to be available for a variety of subjects such as biology, chemistry, economics, physics, and history. Based on these subjects are the following results: 12% of all applicants achieve grade S, 37% – grade 1 or above, 63% – grade 2 or above, 83% – grade 3 or above, and 17% fail to achieve grade.

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